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Teen Beds

Distinctive Teen Beds

Teen Beds
Teen Beds
Teen Beds
Teen Beds

Teen Beds

It’s always difficult to figure out your teen’s style when decorating their bedroom and the type of teen beds to go for. The good news is that Babios has something for every teen. Depending on their interests, whether if it is sport, street style, science, trendy, or chic style, we have it all.

Our teen beds comes in varying sizes, shapes and style (after all one size does not fit all), including 90cm by 200cm teen beds, 100cm by 200cm, and 120cm by 200cm, These beds are suitable for use from the age of 6 to 24. Choose your teen bed from our amazing range of thematic based teen room ideas.

Teen beds

Teens spend significant amount of time in their bedroom, socialising with friends, studying and chatting on social media. Therefore choosing robust, high-end beds for teens ensures longevity. It can be utilised for many years to come.

Teen beds for every style

Whether you’re trying to come up with bedroom designs for teenage girls or boys, one size does not fit all. Therefore, there are many factors to consider, such as your teen’s interests, age, needs, space and budget too. Having two daughters myself, experience tells me that girls can be a little bit meaner. They have their own style and class, influenced by social media, friends and celebrities. So, always respect your teen and consult their views. Make sure they are part of the decision-making, even for something as simple as choosing beds for teens.

Elegant and safe teen beds

Whether you like it or not, appearance and looks matters for teenagers. We don’t live in the 1980’s, there is a huge difference, and for that reason Babios is extra careful when it comes to teen room ideas. A whole team of renowned interior designers work around the clock to ensure the best of ideas are put together for today’s teenagers. In addition, we make sure that all our products adhere to all health, safety and quality standards.

We thought of everything for your loved ones