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We all want our little ones to stay as they are, stay as a baby or a toddler. Seeing this transformation is exciting and nostalgic. Your child's character and personality is developing, including their likes, dislikes and traits.

As they grow their needs change, which also means the time has come for your child to make a transition into a new bedroom, another words from a cot bed to kids beds. Sometimes the little one can overreact to this adjustment and may not be so keen on the move and struggle to settle in.

However, before the transition, what if space is a big issue, your first child has occupied the second bedroom, and no other rooms are available, so what happens to the second child waiting to make a move? Well, you may have no choice but to go with a loft bed for kids, just like many millions of growing families have in the UK with limited space.

There is an important fact that most parents should mull over. Note that two kids (or even more) will end up sharing the room. So you may need to reflect each child's likes and dislikes, which means you may need to seek their advice accordingly. With the up rise of the use of social media, children are fashion conscious, where they want to be up-do-date with the latest style and fashion.

This popular and fashionable Oxford loft bed with desk, featuring a 205cm wide study desk (with wheels) to choose from 7 colours, stylish in-built shelves, along with manoeuvrable smart children's beds, and a trundle bed will be an impeccable addition to any child's room. The beauty and elegance suggests that your children are up-to-date with the latest fashion.

The loft bed for kids offers an extraordinary opportunity for the siblings to share their room, have a great time sharing secrets, and more importantly form a bond for an everlasting relationship. Is this it? Of course not! The stairs has rigid, super strength, four wide drawers, with ample space of storage facility. It is a great way to store huge amounts of storage into a small space. Babios has also thought of sleepovers. A high sleeper loft bed can be a rescuer if there is a children's bed available for a sleepover (or a guest). In this respect, the trundle bed is a saviour.

The modern loft bed with desk, which comes with a manoeuvrable children's bed is constructed using a material known as MDF. MDF is chosen due to its low chemical emission properties. Our loft bed for kids with a study desk, childrens beds, a trundle bed, stairs with drawers weighs in excess of 450 kg, hence robust and sturdy, manufactured to last over 10 years. It's nothing like what you're used to seeing in the UK market.

This particular loft bed range has a 205 cm study desk in width, with a choice of 7 colours, namely, yellow, lilac, dark blue, light blue, red, light grey, and turquoise. Note that the desk and the children's bed has wheels for ease of manoeuvring.

The stairs with drawers can be positioned either on the left or right side of the high sleeper loft bed, with 4 large chest of drawers. In an environment where space is at premium, wide chest of drawers can be practical solution to store your child's items, including clothing, games, and many more. Furthermore, the loft bed has an inbuilt shelves for books, magazines and other key essential items.

This particular Oxford loft bed with desk requires three mattresses, size 90cm x 190cm, one for the top bunk, one for the children's bed, and the other for the trundle bed. The panels are held together with high quality fittings, resulting in an extremely rigid and sturdy construction.

To avoid trapped fingers and slamming, the doors are fitted with soft closing mechanisms. The Oxford loft bed for kids has a dimension of W213cm X D97cm X H191cm, whereas the stairs with drawers is W48cm X D97cm X H166cm, study desk W205cm X D60cm X H76cm. The kid's bed has a dimension of W197cm X D95cm X H60cm. The trundle bed has a dimension of W197cm X D95cm X H60cm.

The designer loft bed with desk is supplied flat pack, however with a bit of DIY skills, it should be relatively straightforward to assemble with the provided instructions.

Manufacturing Details

  • Our loft beds adheres to all major health, safety and quality standards, and does not contain any harmful carcinogenic substances.
  • Babios ensures that all the corners and edges are banded in 2mm PVC, making the unit play softening any sharp edges.
  • We provide a 2 year manufacturer's warranty on all high sleepers.
  • All our designer children's furniture meets and exceeds TUV & GS European standards so you can buy our products with confidence.


  • Mattress Size: 90cm x 190cm
  • Loft Bed Dimension: W213cm X D97cm X H185cm
  • Smart Stairs with Drawers: W48cm X D97cm X H166cm
  • Study Desk Dimensions: W205cm X D60cm X H76cm
  • Childrens Bed: W197cm X D95cm X H60cm
  • Trundle Bed: W197cm X D95cm X H60cm
  • Material: MDF & HDPB
  • Range: Oxford
  • Colour: White
  • Assembly: Simple Self Assembly


Normal Delivery Period
6 to 8 weeks

Latest Delivery Period
In exceptional circumstances it could take up to 10 weeks


Oxford Loft Bed With Desk, Childrens Beds And A Trundle Bed


Oxford loft bed with desk, a children's bed and a trundle bed. Seven different desk colours to choose from.



Delivery Period:

6 to 8 weeks


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