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Girls Beds

Design Aesthetic Princess Beds

Girls Beds
Girls Beds
Girls Beds
Girls Beds

Girls Beds

Within our category of stylish and trendy furniture, we have the perfect range that will fit your growing girl child no matter how picky they are. Fact is, unlike the boys, girls are quick picky and have a lot of choice to make as regards the design they want for their bedrooms. This is often based off their age and different personalities. Thus, as a parent, it is important you consider these salient points in order to create a cozy haven for her. This implies providing them with the right furniture such as like beds, beddings, chairs etc in order to ultimately create the ideal environment for them.

The Right Bed Type for a Princess

Children spend most of their times while at home in their bedroom either sleeping or playing games with friends. As such, it is of utmost importance that you provide them with the most suitable furniture especially for bedtime that will last them a lifetime. The right girls bed should positively improve their quality of sleep primarily. Other benefits of having a study table feature, wardrobe would again improve on the versatility. When versatility is the primary need as a result of space being premium, high sleepers are recommended. When the child would be having sleepovers or needing extra storage space, single beds with trundle/pull outs or bunk beds are the best choices to make.


While buying a bed for your child, there are often many questions and decisions to make. However, we have simplified it in order into commonly asked questions inclusive of tips to make your buying experience smooth and easy.

What girl’s house bed is right?

This depends on several factors such as extra storage need, limited space etc. Simple girls single beds often stands out as the first choice but when storage space is limited, trundle beds are required. In addition, when she would be having friends or guests sleeping over, the benefits of bunk beds cannot be over emphasized. On the other hand, high sleepers as earlier mentioned can come in handy to ensure her study area and sleeping space is within reach.

Do you have bed styles and sizes that suit all ages?

Our range of beds caters for all ages as we understand the necessary requirements needed in each stage of child development. This implies that we have girls bedroom furniture suitable for children from nursery, toddlers to teens. These are available in but neutral and themed colors to suit any child personality or color needs.  

How safe are your beds for any age?

We have carefully developed each of these beds and do assure you that none of these princess beds for girls and other girls furniture we offer, expose your child to any hazard. The edges of each furniture as well as the materials used for them have been made according to standards and thus do not have any risks associated. We applied UV printing technology in the finishing of each girls bedroom sets. This is in a bid to provide a beautiful, consistent and hard wearing finish void of emitting harmful chemicals over time.

We thought of everything for your loved ones