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Bunk Beds

Kids Bunk Beds with Storage | Bunk Beds for Teens

Bunk Beds
Bunk Beds
Bunk Beds
Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds

At Babios, we designed and crafted a collection of children’s bunk beds with storage for 21st century needs of families. They are not just high quality. In addition, we constructed them to stand the test of time, with today’s design conscious children and teenagers in mind. A bunk bed should not be created to be as two beds stacked on top of each other. It really needs to be something special.

If space is at a premium, you really can’t go wrong with a bunk bed with stairs. It offers ample space within the drawers, thus a fully functional, multi-purpose use of furniture for your loved ones.

£ 499.00

£ 389.00

£ 549.00

Bunk Beds for Teens

At Babios, we understand that children grow and develop at rapid speed. That is why we created our bunk beds to last through the early years, into teenage years and beyond. We are probably one of the few companies in the UK that supplies these types of beds for teens, designed to suit every taste and preferences, offering wide range of styles, designs and colour choices.

Sturdy and stylish bunk beds for teens

We manufactured all our furniture including this modern bunk bed for teens (and kids) using MDF. This is because MDF has low chemical emission properties. Our bed is incomparable to what is available in the UK market. The weight of this bed for teens is in excess of 200 kg. As a result, it is robust and sturdy, with constructions that would last over 10 years.

Safe, secure and child friendly bunk beds for teens

To guarantee maximum child safety, we put all of our beds through a rigorous testing process. It adheres to major health, safety and quality standards and has all the necessary certification, so that you can be safe in the knowledge that our children’s bunks beds are 100% safe. Also, it is important to know that our bunk beds for teens (and children) are multi-functional, fit for purpose, long lasting and sturdy.

We thought of everything for your loved ones