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Bunk Beds With Trundle

Stylish Children's Beds With Storage

Bunk Beds With Trundle
Bunk Beds With Trundle
Bunk Beds With Trundle
Bunk Beds With Trundle

Bunk Beds With Trundle

So, your family is grown and like most families space is at premium, there are no additional rooms available (and with no intention of moving to a new home), a bunk bed with trundle can be a great solution. Especially if there is a sleep over, just pull out the trundle and create a space for your guest.

At Babios, we believe that furniture should be multi-purpose, multi-functional to meet the 21st century needs of families, but it should also be stylish, elegant and exciting.

After all children and teenagers, spend significant amount of time in their bedrooms. Therefore, creating a pleasant environment can only be a pleasant gift to them.

Children’s bunk bed with trundle

You need to know a number of key pieces of information before you buying a bunk bed with trundle. First, the bunk bed should be robust enough to carry two heavyweight children. Secondly, does the top of the bunk bed present any risk of falls? Also, does the bunk bed with trundle adhere to health, safety and quality standards. Can it stand the test of time? Finally, is the furniture exciting, stylish and within the interest of your children (or teen)? These questions matter and require some sort of research in advance.

Robust and elegant bunk bed with trundle

Here’s another piece of advice: don’t just buy any bunk bed with trundle. Make it a little interesting, either by adding some colour, style and multi-functionality. All bunk bed with trundle offered by Babios ticks all three boxes: they are colourful, beautiful in style and multi-functional. For instance, look at the stairs, providing ample amount of space for kid’s everyday essentials.

Health and safety first

At Babios, our philosophy is simple: health and safety first. Babios ensures that all the corners and edges are banded in 2mm PVC. This softens any sharp edges and makes each unit play friendly. We provide a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on all furniture. All our designer children's bedroom furniture meets and exceeds TUV & GS European standards so you can buy our products with confidence.

We thought of everything for your loved ones