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We often hear from many families about the lack of space in their homes, particularly at thetime when the youngest member of the family needs to make a move to a new room (that'sif there isn't a room readily available). Generally, quality very high sleeper are expensive, whereaslow quality ones can be economical but unsafe due to risk of falling, not to mention that itwill not be long lasting. More importantly if a very high sleeper weighs less than 150kg, it may notbeen able to carry the weight of heavy, active kids, especially when they are jumping up anddown the top bunk.

Kids tend to have many items including clothes, books, magazines, toys, stationaries andmany more, and plenty of space for storage, and purchasing good quality furniture'sindividually can be very expensive. Nowadays most families could hardly make the ends meet,let alone having additional funds for expensive furniture.

Babios is delighted to introduce this refereshingly Blueish high sleeper for teenager, a space saving kid'sfurniture, made up of a high sleeper for teenager, children's bed, study desk, 3 door wardrobe, shelf and stairswith 4 large chest of drawers. This is not just any old children's furniture, but exclusivelydesigned and built for Babios. It has many impressive features, designed to meet all theneeds of children, with a modern twist and functionality.

For instance, the surface of Blueish furniture set is coated using state of the art Ultra Violet(UV) printing technology. This is important because UV printing does not emit any harmfulchemicals that can be dangerous to little lungs. As harmful volatile solvents are not used, UVprinting is also called "Green technology" due to minimal environmental effects. Wetherefore pride ourselves for being different from the crowd.

Furthermore, all our furniture's are also constructed using environmentally friendly materials,namely MDF, which is known to produce the lowest volatile organic compound emissions.This beautiful children's bedroom furniture set weighs in excess of half a tonne (i.e. 500kg),which is built to last at least a decade. The chunky panels are held together with high qualityfittings, resulting in a robust construction. For health and safety reasons we stronglyrecommend that only children over the age of 6 to use the upper bunk.

The stairs can be positioned either on the left or right side of the high sleeper for teenager, with 4 large chestof drawers. Space in most households in the UK, particularly in cities and flats are always atpremium, and for this reason the chest of drawers on the stairs can be extremely useful tostore your child's clothes and educational materials and more. So, why make a furtherexpense buying separate chest of drawers?

In addition to the chest of drawers, this modern yet affordable high sleeper single bed set has a wide shelffor books, magazines and essential items.

The high sleeper single bed set requires two mattresses, size90cm x 190cm.

Just like all other children's furniture supplied by Babios, to avoid trapping fingers andslamming, the doors are fitted with soft closing mechanisms. This high end children'sbedroom furniture is supplied flat pack but is straightforward to put together and detailedinstructions are provided.

Manufacturing Details

  • Our furniture's adheres to all major health, safety and quality standards, and does not contain any harmful carcinogenic substances.
  • Babios ensures that all the corners and edges are banded in 2mm PVC, making the unit play safe by softening any sharp edges. We provide a 2 year manufacturer's warranty on all furniture. All our designer children's bedroom furniture meets and exceeds TUV & GS European standards so you can buy our products with confidence.
  • If you would like your children's bedroom furniture to be assembled, please call us on 0800 689 1923 to make necessary arrangements.


  • Mattress Size: 90cm x 190cm
  • High Sleeper Dimensions: W245cm X D97X H190cm
  • Study Desk Dimensions: W96cm X D55cm X H79cm
  • Children's bed dimensions: W197cm X D95cm X H60cm
  • 3 Door Wardrobe Dimensions: W132cm X D53cm X H200cm
  • Material: MDF & HDPB
  • Range: Blueish
  • Finishing: UV printing
  • Assembly: Simple Self Assembly


Normal Delivery Period
3 to 4 weeks

Latest Delivery Period
In exceptional circumstances it could take up to 5 weeks


Blueish Designer High Sleeper: Stairs with chest of drawers, children's bed, 3 door wardrobe and a study desk


You will not be disappointed with this Blueish high sleeper set, and that's a guarantee!



Delivery Period:

3 to 4 weeks


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