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Three Door Wardrobe

The Babios Sailing three door wardrobe is a spacious collection of trendy teenage bedroom furniture. The wardrobe is designed in white colour with the touch of wooden dark brown and blue colour. The left and right door of the wardrobe designed in three patterns, an embossed strips, crossed wooden motif and strips. The central door of the wardrobe has tempered glass of soft silk curtain inside. This wardrobe has three drawers at the bottom of nautical motif white wooden knobs. The blue base curved crown of the wardrobe has nautical motif embossed with brown colour.

3 Door Wardrobe Sets

The 3 door wardrobe sets have the signature compartments for your comfort. The four cubic drawers with fifth small drawer in the continuation of the single door. These five drawers will allow you to keep essentials of the teenage boy in the right order and separately. You can place towels, clothes, socks, cushions of your young boy. The double door has a shelf where you can place the pillows or quilts. The big hanging drawers for you to arrange the wardrobe in the order of the whole week for your young boy. The lower big drawer is for you to place the shoes of your teenage boy.

The Drawers

This wardrobe has three drawers at the bottom of additional storage feature. These drawers can be useful for you to place the random stuff, toys or cushions for your young boy.

LED Light

The Sailing 3 door wardrobe has an automatic light system fixed with closet rod that will illuminate with the opening of the doors.

The wardrobe of luxury teenage bedroom furniture has plenty of space for your comfort and young boy’s essential placing in order

  1. The three door wardrobe has LED light
  2. The 3 door wardrobe sets has plenty of space
  3. The tempered glass placed in central door
  4. Three additional drawers

Manufacturing Details

  • Sailing Three Doors Wardrobe is applied using state of the art UV printing technology. This type of finishing provides a beautiful, consistent and hard wearing finish but does not emit any harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to little lungs. This type of finishing is far superior to painted finishes and is a very important consideration for ensuring healthy growth of sensitive lungs and organs.
  • The result of UV printing is a bold, vibrant and durable finish which is easy to clean and will not fade or deteriorate when household cleaning products are applied to it.
  • The Sailing Three Doors Wardrobe is constructed using MDF. This material has been selected due to its low chemical emission properties. MDF also allows for a consistent white finish to be applied over the top, many other materials result in a "white wash" finish rather than the pure satin white finish you find on the Babios products.
  • Babios also band all the corners and edges in 2mm PVC, making the unit play safe by softening any sharp edges.
  • Babios provide a 2 year manufacturer's warranty on all furniture. All Babios children's furniture meets and exceeds TUV & GS European standards so you can buy our products with confidence.


  • Number of Doors: 3 Doors
  • Dimensions: W138cm X D64cm X H211cm
  • Weight: 196 kg
  • Storage: 3 drawers
  • Material: MDF & HDPB
  • Finish Type: UV Printed
  • Range: Sailing
  • Assembly: Simple Self Assembly


Normal Delivery Period
6 to 8 weeks

Latest Delivery Period
In exceptional circumstances it could take up to 10 weeks


Sailing Three Doors Wardrobe


This wardrobe is inspired by the Sailing and seashore theme with the aim of bringing a modern, stylish, and elegant look into your bedroom.



Delivery Period:

6 to 8 weeks


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