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Modern Teenage Bedroom Sets

Modern Teenage Bedroom Sets
Modern Teenage Bedroom Sets
Modern Teenage Bedroom Sets
Modern Teenage Bedroom Sets

Modern Teenage Bedroom Sets

Create an inviting spot for your teen by purchasing a class defining teenage bedroom sets with a dark brown replicated worn through design and a rich rustic finish with authentic touch. Our bedroom set gives a two-tone modern appearance to every teens room while creating a environment safe for study and play.

WHAT'S SO SPECIAL ABOUT OUR Modern Teenage Bedroom Sets?

  • Quilted headboard features sponge padding on a 16 mm thick chipboard, covered with fabric.
  • Dampened  hinges,  used  in  wardrobe  and  study  unit  doors,  prevent  accidental  hand  injuries  and  noise.
  • Bookcase and wardrobe have wall fasteners to prevent toppling and their heights can be adjusted during installation.
  • Handles of furniture are made of sanative wood and covered with inoffensive varnish.
  • Sliding door with length handles and brake system is applied in sliding wardrobe
  • The classic wardrobe has a hanger with LED lighting working with AAA batteries
  • Product modules have dark brown themed leather application.
  •  Main material is at E1 standard, melamine coated partied-board, resistant to scratching, fading and  moisture and not harmful your child's health.
  • This trendy high sleeper bed is constructed of durable engineered wood made for years of use and sturdy high quality material.
  • All  fasteners  used  fulfill  requirements  pertaining  to  the  European  TUV-GS  and  Turkish  TSE  standards.
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on all Babios furniture
We thought of everything for your loved ones