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We are recruiting. A fully flexible direct sales representative job - earn up to a 1000 per week

We are a growing business which specialises in contemporary furniture for babies, kids and youngsters. We are recruiting for direct sales representatives who will be responsible for generating leads, following up on prospects, applying sales techniques and closing sales.

No formal education is required but some of the essential skills for this role include the ability to sell, persuasion, self-motivation, enthusiasm, and perseverance.

The work is COMPLETELY flexible in terms of hours and days. You can work anywhere and anytime. Your primary job will be to boost sales on several mediums, for example, social media, direct sales at play stations, child care groups, primary/secondary schools, leaflet distribution at key anchor points, and many others.

Pay is commission based only with a mouth-watering percentage ? 10% of sales (yes, you heard it right, sales and not profit). For instance, a typical 3 piece set furniture is approximately 1,500, and you will earn yourself 150 upon closing sales. You could potentially earn up to a 1000 a week by selling one furniture set per day. The more sales - the more money you get!

Our products are unique and not sold anywhere in the UK, hence no competition, and with additional incentives for our customers, with a bit of effort, it shouldn't be too difficult to close a sale.

If you think you are ideally suited for the position, we'd love to hear from you. Kindly send your CV to eren.demir@babios.co.uk, or contact me on 0771 261 1146.

Thank you.

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