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As parents we know we should foster our children's imaginations but we are so busy thatwe often don't have the time for creative thinking ourselves. Schools don't even know howto tackle this subject let alone parents. However, nurturing and further developing thesecore skills in life (imagination and creativity) are crucial, as it enhances children's problemsolving skills, so much needed for a prosperous future.

So, as parents where can we start from? Ideally the place where they spend most of theirtime, their bedroom! How about creating a themed based bedroom, like a flashy car bed.According to a number of studies, children that spends time within creative environmentsare highly associated with increased self-esteem and confidence.

Babios is therefore thrilled to introduce this fantastic Jaguar sporty kid's car bed withbulging wings, creating a real racing car experience. We all wished we were raised in a homewhere you could feel like Michael Knight (this is back in the 80's), whereas you could givethe opportunity for your child to be like Lewis Hamilton.

The beauty is in the detail - all our car beds comes with a key fob, which can be used tocontrol the headlamps, an amazing feature allowing your child to turn on or off the lightswithout having to get off the bed, or even better, you as a parent to enforce "lights out"without even setting foot in the room. The head lamps are very energy efficient and arebattery powered.

Babios has one simple philosophy: health, safety and quality standards first. Our designer,exclusively designed car beds have raised sides so that your child sleeps safely, with a pieceof mind that your child will not fall out. Given the size of the mattress (90cm by 190cm),your child will be able to use this car bed into their teens. The 90cm x 190cm mattress forthis kid's car bed is sold separately.

So, what's included in our car beds:

  1. Kid's bed built in headlights (operated via remote control)
  2. Built in sliding lights (operated via remote control)
  3. Built in four tunes (operated via remote control)
  4. Spoiler

Manufacturing Details

  • The racing kid's car bed is manufactured using 100% thermoplastic, which is an environmentally friendly material, water resistant, antibacterial surface and scratch resistant.
  • Our furniture's adheres to all major health, safety and quality standards, and does not contain any harmful carcinogenic substances.
  • Babios provides a 2 year manufacturer's warranty on all furniture's. All our contemporary children's furniture meets and exceeds TUV & GS European standards so you can buy our products with confidence.
  • If you would like your children's furniture to be assembled, please call us on 0800 689 1923 to make necessary arrangements.
  • This modern kid's furniture is supplied flat pack but is straightforward to put together and detailed instructions are provided.


  • Mattress Size: 90cm x 190cm
  • Car Bed Dimensions: W130cm X D235cm X H62cm
  • Key Fob Provided: Yes
  • Built In LED Lights Around Tyres: No
  • Remote Controlled Tunes: Yes
  • Built in Headlights: Yes
  • Weight: 56kg
  • Material: 100% ABS thermoplastic
  • Range: Super Car
  • Colour: Blue
  • Assembly: Simple Self Assembly (around 20-30 minutes)


Normal Delivery Period
3 to 4 weeks

Latest Delivery Period
In exceptional circumstances it could take up to 5 weeks


Jaguar Blue Car Bed with Bulging Wings


Jaguar is our national brand, so give this kid's car bed a chance - you will not be disappointed



Delivery Period:

3 to 4 weeks


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