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What Can A Parent Do To Help Their Child Choose The Right Profession?

23 March 2018 by Babios
What Can A Parent Do To Help Their Child Choose The Right Profession?

Working in a profession that you genuinely enjoy does not just result in self-satisfaction and pleasure, but it is a well-known phenomenon towards a happy life. For this reason, it is imperative for a child to have the opportunity to explore all the options starting at a very young age.  At this stage, parents has an important task in hand in terms of providing necessary support (with relevant guidance).

It may sound a little strange, but have you ever asked yourselves this question, “How much do I know myself”?  Simple question but it matters. Therefore, you should support your child to better understand (or get to know) themselves. Their skill set, interests, tendency towards a particular path, and needs are vital pieces of information (and indicators) in planning a future career. Let’s explore these issues in a little bit more detail.

Recognising Your Child’s Interests And Abilities 

What your child truly enjoys is the first step in establishing the most suitable profession.  Sometimes this can be easier said than done, but you do need to know your child very well and observe changes and fluctuations in their interests and behaviours over time. What they hate today could potentially turn into something they love tomorrow. You must respect your child’s interests and listen to them carefully.

You also need to discover the skills that complements your child’s interests. A profession that reveals the strengths of your child will probably be the most appropriate choice. Psychological tests, such as Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-V), which analyses your child’s interests and intelligence can be very useful. These tests are extremely successful in determining which skills are best suited to which profession.

Strengthening Weaknesses

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Skills and strengths are usually the best indicators when considering a profession. If there is a weakness in terms of your child achieving his/her dream job (or goals) then it is critical to establish these obstacles (and limitations) in advance. As a parent this is where you need to step in and help identify your child’s weaknesses.

You also need to bear in mind that strengthening a child’s weakness should make a positive impact and more importantly your child should enjoy the whole journey towards achieving their goals, and what it means to fight until the end. Your child does not have to be successful in every aspect of life. Working towards achieving specific set of targets will enable your child to learn and develop their skills with some element of enjoyment.

Setting Reasonable Targets:

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Establishing the right pathway for the most suitable profession for your child is as important as identifying their strengths and improving their weaknesses. At this stage, you should not forget that your child must fulfill their dreams in life and not yours. You might be a doctor, lawyer, or an accountant, but if they want to become an athlete, then you should respect and support them until the end. Therefore, a road map should be determined according to your child's personal preferences as well as their interests and abilities. Thus, bridging the gap between you and your child, with the aim of reaching to the desired destination (in this case profession). At the end of the day, analysing your child’s talent and setting appropriate targets are key to having a profession where they can enjoy and prosper.





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