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What Are The Key Points To Consider Before Buying A Bunk Bed?

16 January 2018 by Babios
What Are The Key Points To Consider Before Buying A Bunk Bed?

Bunk beds are known to be the best furniture invention in recent history. The reason is that it is highly efficient and less space consuming. Bunk beds can be used by anyone- be it kids or teenagers and even adults. The chronology of bunk beds is quite interesting because it is popular in the present and since the population is not getting any lower, the chances of it being used in the future are higher.

Cool Bunk Beds Can Be Separated

The bunk bed frame that can be separated will be more practical in the long term. This will be more versatile for making sleeping spaces in the home, especially when children grow and need a separate bed to sleep on.

Cool Bunk Beds

Space Between The Top Bunk And The Ceiling

This is another important point to be considered before purchasing a bunk bed. The space between the top bunk and the ceiling must be measured accurately. Sometimes kids love to jump up and down over the top bunk, hence there is the possibility of hitting their head on the ceiling.

In addition, as children grow the distance between the ceiling and bunk decreases. What about parent's sitting beside their children at the top bunk to read a book. Be cautious and make sure the height of the bunk bed is in line with the recommended height of the room. In addition, you also need to consider the fixed lighting at the top of the ceiling (or any other fixed items on the ceiling). Kids can be boisterous and accidentally hitting an object while playing can be very dangerous. 

The Trundle

The bunk bed may seem enough at your home. You may need additional sleeping space at home for guests and/or sleepovers. The trundle is the new trend that is popular nowadays. You may also need to sleep next to your children when they are ill, especially when they have high temperatures the trundle bed can then be very useful. The trundle bunk bed frame is so practical in many ways. Give it a try.

The Trundle

The Type Of Stairs

The ladder with the drawers can be safer for your children. They would have the convenience to climb every time. The stairs with drawers will provide you with additional storage space as well.

The Rails

Check out the rails structure of the bunk bed frame. Usually, you will find different style of rails on the bunk beds. Sometimes it comes with one, two or three rails. Some bunk beds have proper headboard and footboards. Note that the rails must be safe to minimize risk of falling.

The Rails

The Storage

The storage with the bunk bed will always be so convenient. Check out that whether the bunk bed has study desks and/or staircase with drawers. The bunk bed has different ways of storage, get the one which suits you the most.

Bunk Beds In The Future

Since the population is increasing day by day, we require more space to lay our heads peacefully. The most practical solution for that is to adopt and switch on to bunk beds so that you can have your own bed space without you bumping or kicking the other person unknowingly when you are deep in your dreams. The future of the bunk beds is predicted to be a huge market because both kids and adults equally prefer bunk beds in order to reduce cost and increase the concept of sharing.


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