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Tips On Designing Your Baby's Nursery Room

06 July 2018 by Babios
Tips On Designing Your Baby's Nursery Room

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A baby’s nursery room should be designed to provide a warm welcome to the baby, since it forms their first own place. Planning your baby's nursery room is both fun and rewarding to you when you are conversant with what needs to be done. You will most probably be having an idea in mind for the nursery decor, but might be clueless about baby care items, paint, and the furniture. Baby nursery ideas must revolve around comfort, style, and safety considerations.

Choose Textiles before Paint

You should choose the colour of the textile you want to have in the nursery before buying the paint colour shade. The range of paints available in the market is extensive, and also, with colour-match technology, you can easily match the colour of the paint with that of textiles.

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Make a Nursing Station

New mothers require time to rest and bond with the baby. You and your baby will have enjoyable moments during breastfeeding beside a fully stocked breastfeeding station. Nursing pillows are one crucial component in a nursing station since they help to align the baby in the proper position to achieve a good latch without straining on the arm. Holding a baby in the same position for long can be tiring to a nursing mother. You can also use the nursing pillow to prop up your baby to enable them to sit on their own. End tables also come handy when you have to reach out to items such as burp towels when the baby is suckling. You may also want to store sweets in a place easy to get one, especially when you need to boost your milk stock during breastfeeding. The table drawers should be easy to open.

Create a Sanitation Station

Your nursery should have a tray on the changing table containing antibacterial hand wash gels and paper towels for tidying soiled surfaces. You should ensure to disinfect areas prone to contamination using antibacterial wipes on a daily basis. Also, you should plan on how you will be handling dirty nappies. A nappy Genie comes handy for this task by filtering soiled, soiled nappies into a plastic sleeve thus avoiding the unit from becoming dirty and wet for easy emptying of the pail. The unit’s main storage compartment is ever closed including when the lid is open. Upon pushing the unit's foot pedal for the container to open, the storage bag is pinched to close preventing odours from escaping into the room. Simply place the dirty nappy on top of the compartment, and when you release the foot pedal, the lid closes instantaneously with the opening of the trap, and the waste drops into the storage compartment. You can also purchase nappy pails for temporary storage of your baby’s dirty nappies before dumping to help keep your nursery free from the smell of nappy change.

Avoid Over-Crowding the Nursery With too Much Furniture

You should anticipate the future when buying baby furniture. Most of the items used when your baby in the present time will in future be replaced by others which will occupy more space. You should invest in nursery furniture that can be converted for use in more than one way as the baby grows old for instance convertible cot beds that can later be used as toddler beds and bedside cabinet. Furnishing your baby’s nursery using two-in-one furniture will help in proper housekeeping giving your child enough room to play. You should consider purchasing a baby cot bed with built-in storage for clothes and essential baby care products such as nappies, baby wipes, and jelly among others to save on cabinet space.

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Also, a shelf can be very useful to place key essentials (e.g. baby thermometer, camera monitor), but make sure it is out of reach of your baby, and more importantly the shelf should not be close to your baby’s cot bed in case of any objects falling.

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Avoid Harsh Lighting

Install overhead lighting fixtures which are located directly above the cot with dimmers for your baby’s comfort. You should ensure to have an accent lamp by the baby cot side since they make the perfect source of light for bed-time story-telling and late-night feedings.


Colours have a significant effect on behaviour. Your choice of colour and its intensity should be informed by the ambiance you want to create in your baby's nursery room, such as relaxing feeling, calm, energizing, and stimulating amongst others.

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Nursery colours can be categorized into cold and warm. Green, purple, and blue colour shades are said to be cool colours, while pink, orange, and red are considered to be warm colours. Use of cool colours in your baby’s nursery can make the room appear more spacious and relaxing. Your baby sleeps more since the colours calm their body and mind. You should soften cool colours by blending them with neutral colours, such as white to avoid the nursery from looking so cold. Warm colours evoke happy and comfortable feeling and should be used in moderation.

Next, you will need to determine colour intensity. The intensity of the colours painted in your baby’s nursery plays a vital role in their mood and attitude. For instance, dark shades of red can over stimulate your baby and make them fussy. You should thus use red together with other colours and ensure it does not occupy large portions on the walls or other decorations. Powder blue colour provides a soothing effect on your baby and can thus be extensively used on walls and paintings in the nursery. Grey colour offers a mix of sophistication and warmth to your baby making it ideal for ceilings and the walls. Baby girl nursery ideas about colours are different from that of a baby boy. A baby girl's nursery will have more warm colours in décor, painting, and accessories. Baby boy nursery idea about colours delves more on the application of cool colours with a mild blend of warm colours.

Here is a comprehensive article about the effect of colours on baby’s mind, emotions and health.

Avoid the Last Minute Rush

You should ensure to prepare your baby nursery room early enough before the coming of the baby. Doing this will ensure that new furniture and painted spaces will have enough time airing out to avoid the smell of paint. Also, doing so gives you enough time to incorporate changes not anticipated in your initial plan.

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