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Could a themed racing car bed in a boy's room lead to a higher self - esteem and better mental health development?

10 November 2017 by Babios
Could a themed racing car bed in a boy's room lead to a higher self - esteem and better mental health development?

Themed racing car beds in a boy's room are extremely popular and as the stereotype goes, boys love cars - especially racing ones, so parents go out and splash on the swankiest and most modern car beds for their kids. These gifts of a new sleeping haven are sure to make any kid grin from ear to ear with glee and in turn their parents as well. For others, a themed car bed may be a bit of a stretch and many would not bother to indulge in such expenses. This is usually not given much thought and the matter swept under the rug, but one question that is often failed to be considered is whether a themed racing car bed in a boy's room can lead to better mental health development and a higher self esteem.

Higher Self Esteem

From a young age, children often tend to follow their peers and keep their likes and interests in line with them. More often than not, this influence of peers and the need to fit in, can affect a child's self esteem. With the popularity of themed racing car beds among young boys, the failure of getting a boy a car bed when all of his friends have one can quickly lead to a low self esteem and self worth. These feelings and lack of items that are considered key for fitting in can also pave a path to bullying.

The simple answer to this is that yes, a themed racing car bed in a boys room can lead to a higher self esteem, but this is only if peers or trend are also a part of it. If not, a themed car bed that is not in line with trends can make a child feel excluded and stick out like a sore thumb.

Mental Health Development

Like self esteem, the development of a child's mental health is in many ways influenced by peers. One part of mental health development that seems to often get overlooked, is in fact self esteem. A child with consistent low self esteem will tend to develop negative notions and thoughts thus impacting their mental health in a negative way. This goes both ways as positive thoughts and feelings aid in positive and healthy mental health development.

The Best Themed Racing Car Bed to Get for a Boys Room

When choosing a racing car bed for a boy's room, selecting a modern, contemporary and designer one is best. While not an absolute must, added features such as a car bed with lights is sure to make any child happy. Once you have a rough idea of what you want, how do you select the best one?

With quality, modern, luxurious, safe and affordable children's furniture, Babios has a wide variety of themed racing car beds available and the best is the Vento V10 in red. With ABS radiant material used on the wheels and rims, the Vento V10 is a fun selection for fast growing children. In addition to this the Vento features LED headlights and a four different sound choices which are remotely controlled.

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