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The layout of your child's bedroom and education: is there a link?

03 October 2017 by Babios
The layout of your child's bedroom and education: is there a link?

I remember when I was a child spending most of my free time after school in my room. Besides from the fact that it is the most comfortable place inside our house, I find peace rolling over my bed while reading my books and doing advance lessons. Little that I know that studying while lying in bed is not being effective for me. I always end up dozing off and not finishing a single lesson at all. It came to my mum's senses that a bed will never be a conducive place for learning; that is the time that they have decided to remodel my own little world and everything changed since then. I started reading more, grades shooting up and I even found my best hobby: writing.

Unless your home has a designated study area, the best place where a child can continue learning after classes is inside their rooms. We would not want to accidentally spill drinks on our books so dining table is a no-no. Bedrooms also provide privacy unlike the living area where dad or big bro usually watch football every night. We can safely say that it is the most peaceful place inside our houses -?free from distractions of other family members' activities.

However, there are still a lot to take into consideration if you want to have the best learning experience. Having a decent study table compared to just a stool to sit could affect your kid's eagerness in doing their after-class home works. Most children may struggle if there is no comfortable place to work. Take note that young ones rarely consider studying as their favourite thing to do, hence, we should entice them with an area that they would feel our support and love for their efforts.

If your kids share rooms, it's also important that they have a personal space to learn and keep their belongings intact. Remember that they are mostly not on the same grade levels and children have different learning styles to cope with education. If we force them to adopt with whatever is available, chances are they will not absorb the most of the lessons or they will be forced to keep up but will soon get exhausted and will start despising education.

A modern family would normally have televisions inside each of their bedrooms, however, you need to think twice if it's your kid's. We might not be able to keep an eye of their activities inside and might just splurge with movie and cartoon marathons and just set aside their pending tasks from the school. Computers or laptops with child-proof setup is a better option if you are thinking of adding an appliance for them. This will help them practice independent learning and even aid their curious minds.

And the verdict? Your child's room play a great function to their development and learning - whether just providing a comfortable place to rest to get the youngsters ready for tomorrow or giving them a personal space to wonder and motivate them build their dreams.

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