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7 Ways To Create a Remarkable Nursery Room: The Best Gift For Your Baby

19 December 2017 by Babios
7 Ways To Create a Remarkable Nursery Room: The Best Gift For Your Baby

The first and best gift ever you can give to your baby is a nursery room. You will feel overwhelmed to welcome your child in a room that only belongs to him or her. So, hold your breath and follow these dos of children's room design ideas.

Style or Theme

Thevery first thing is to decide a theme or style to give to your nursery room, such as a sea life, zoo, flowered or energetic and sporty. The list just goes on. There are unlimited ideas for decorating a nursery room, you can choose by your choice and wishes.

Textiles and Walls

The textile is an important aspect of a kid's room design that must be in harmony with the walls of the room. Forget about pink and blue, that's an old age controversy that does not get any old. Pink for girls, blue for boys is like an unwritten law people follow nowadays without realising the fact that they are just colours and not an attribute to differentiate genders. It's like a rule or a principle unfairly applied to kid's right after they are born. Go for something like a beautiful light green or light blue, so that you bring the outdoor in.


You should always prefer a functional furniture, for instance, as your baby grows they will eventually reach the point where you need a full size bed, so instead of purchasing a separate bed with an additional cost, why not buy an extendable cot bed which can be transformed into a single children's bed frame with a bedside cabinet.
Butterfly Baby

Butterfly Baby

Tip: Remember that health, safety and quality standards should be adhered. The manufacturer should have all the relevant certifications, e.g. ISO9001 and ISO10002 certification, E1 Quality Standards guarantee, GS Quality Certificate and TSE European Norms certificate.

The Ceiling

The decoration of the ceiling is a new trend. In the first few month's newborns spend most of their time on their back, so they form the habit of staring at the ceiling. If there are decorative patterns (or star like stickers), this might enable them to discover their world.

The Lighting

The lighting is another important aspect to focus as part of children's room design ideas. You can use diffused light or fixture light to avoid the harsh lighting in the nursery room. Avoid the exposed bulbs and all kind of lights that gives harsh light.

For the nights do not forget the nightlight, which can help you to peek at the door without disturbing your baby.

Get Creative

You can be as creative as you can. Decorate the walls with any interesting art. For instance, written quotations or a collection of frames with cartoon characters. You can even write your baby's name on the wall.

Sanitation Station

The sanitation station will help you to keep the nursery germs free. Keep the antibacterial gel, wipes, and paper towel nearby the changing table, so that it's stress free to reach out for ease of use.

Tip: Follow this children's room design ideas to have fun with your child.
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