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10 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Be Fed With Organic Food!

30 March 2018 by Babios
10 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Be Fed With Organic Food!

As a parent, one of our top priorities is to ensure that our children are fed properly. Nutrients consumed in the first years of childhood will affect their entire lives, from physical development to maintaining and strengthening their immune system (fights diseases and keeps bacteria and viruses at bay).

After a number of years breastfeeding (a priceless gift for your child), which is known to be the most beneficial nutrient in the world, comes a period you start feeding your child with solid foods. Have you ever wondered why organic food is the right choice? I can imagine some parents (probably the majority) saying, “highest quality, healthy products, but it’s expensive, we could barely make the ends meet”. If you can afford, it is one of the best choices you can make for a child, and here are 10 reasons why.

1. No parent would want their children to be exposed to insecticides

Conventional foods produced by industrial agriculture include insecticides that may not have an immediate negative impact on your child’s development, but over time it eventually leads to serious diseases, such as autism, obesity, hyperactivity and cancer. The non-organic fruits and vegetables you offer to your child (with all the good intentions as a healthy nutrition), are in fact full of insecticides. You might be disappointed, but it’s the truth. Organic food reduces the risk of exposure to toxic pesticides.

2. The nutritional content of organic foods are higher

10 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Be Fed With Organic Food!

As organic agricultural products are grown in healthy soil (and land), they are richer in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Which one do you think is healthier and tasty, milk and meat obtained from animals grazing and roaming around organic land, or those in a closed space constantly fed with hay and grains?

3. Children do not need hormones and unnecessary antibiotics

For speedy growth, the synthetic hormones given to livestock alter their reproductive cycles, and are passed on to the food products produced by them. Choosing organic meat or dairy means that your child will not be fed with livestock raised with daily dose of antibiotics to speed growth, leading to dangerous antibiotic resistant bacteria.

10 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Be Fed With Organic Food!

4. There is no risk of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in organic products

Genetically modified seeds are not found in organic agricultural products. Nature is really natural.

5. Organic foods are tastier

Most children do not want to eat some vegetables and fruits. I wonder why? Could it be that they have never picked a vine ripened tomato from its plant, which smells and tastes utterly different than non-organic tomatoes. Organic fruits and vegetables should have a pungent scent, unlike the ones you buy from supermarkets with no smell what so ever.

10 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Be Fed With Organic Food!

6. You want to protect your child from risk of diseases

Farm animals raised in poor conditions has a very high risk of catching diseases, where the livestock are subjected to medication, chemicals and hormonal additives. These will not be found in organic foods. For this reason, children who are fed with organic foods have a stronger immune system. Let alone becoming ill due to foreign substances (as organic foods are free from such substances), children will have stronger body resistance against illnesses.

7. Animal welfare is of paramount importance, so why turn the lives of farm animals into a nightmare?

In conventional agriculture, animals are confined to enclosed areas, fed with things like hay, grains, medicines and hormone supplements, instead of natural herbs (e.g. grass). According to a number of academic studies, animals that are torn apart from their natural environment has an adverse effect on their psychology, thus further having a negative impact on the quality of food they produce. In organic farming, dairy products (and meat) obtained from animals that are fed in open air and in the natural environment are tastier and healthier. Animals come once into this world, just like us, so please respect their lives.

8. The quality and improvement of water resources depends on organic farming

The more chemical substances are found in the soil, the more polluted the underwater resources are, thus reducing the quality of the water; because the rain water and these substances are contaminated into the soil. Even the quality of the water your child drinks, to a certain extent depends on organic farming, and of course, their future too.

9. You do not want to be a parent harming the ecosystem

Not only for the sake of your child's health and life; it is necessary to choose organic foods for the protection of our nature, and prevent from harming other living creatures.

10. Your child is your soul!

Love is completely pure and does not contain any harmful substances, so wouldn’t you want to feed the children you love with 100% natural foods?





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