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Why should you consider quality children's bedroom furniture as opposed to cheap, less reliable ones

17 November 2017 by Babios
Why should you consider quality children's bedroom furniture as opposed to cheap, less reliable ones

When selecting ideal furniture for your children's furniture, there are many things that come into play, such as budget, material used in the furniture, space of the room and colours. While figuring out your budget the colour of the furniture and the room size may be easy, choosing the material used in the build of the furniture is as tricky as it is important.

Deciding between quality and cheap furniture for a children's bedroom may not be as easy or as obvious as it may seem and more often than not people go with cheaper and less reliable kids furniture without so much as a second thought.

A cheap set of children's furniture that is made with questionable materials poses health risks to your children and in the worst cases, death. These types of furniture are made with low grade wood, plastics and paint and the finishes are rough and you will often get your clothes caught on them which is very inconvenient and irritating.

On the other hand, quality, sturdy and safe furniture is better of an investment and will ensure that you and your children are safe from harmful chemicals and injuries induced by dodgy furniture. Getting high quality furniture for your kids that is made with their well being in mind is essential.

Babios is the leading producer of baby, kid and youth bedroom furniture which is created by using safe and harmless materials with revolutionary manufacturing methods which are sure to keep your children happy and healthy. By utilizing state of the art 3D and UV printing styles, furniture is made with high grade E1 MDF which gives off a smooth and durable product that, thanks to the UV printing, doesn't have toxic paints or polishes - making it 100 percent environmentally friendly.

Babios delivers contemporary high quality and luxury children's furniture at an affordable price; and for modern and designer furniture, it is the best deal.

Pros and Cons to quality children's furniture

With the fact that spending on quality and modern kid's furniture is necessary for yours and your child's well being, are there any pitfalls to quality furniture? While this may seem like a rhetorical and stupid question, it is valid.

The complete and simple answer is that yes there are downsides to quality furniture. In fact there are exactly two;

  1. Cost
  2. Waiting time

While the cost for a set of contemporary kid's furniture may seem slightly higher than normal furniture - the margin is quite small, one must remember that it is better to invest in the safety of your children than in cheap and unreliable furniture.

The waiting time should not even be considered a con. For Babios, the 3D and UV technology takes a little more time to produce the furniture and so the delivery time is expected to be longer; with that in mind, waiting an extra week is worth the wait.

With every product ranging from baby cots and bunk beds to accessories, Babios has an amazing selection of children's furniture. Some of the most popular Babios beds are the Bella and Captain and for babies there are smaller versions of these exact beds





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