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Pure Beauty: Simple Teen Girl's Bedroom Ideas

27 July 2018 by Babios
Pure Beauty: Simple Teen Girl's Bedroom Ideas

Girls go through a new stage in their lives during adolescence. Their ideas, opinions and preferences begin to differ during this period. As girls grow up, they start to dislike the general style of their own rooms along with their decorations.

As girls go through adolescence they start to spend more time in their rooms; it becomes more and more important to have a room where they can have fun times by hanging out with friends, or have alone time, or study in a quiet environment. The vibrant atmosphere of a child’s room through colourful accessories and the density created by toys leaves its place to simpler room decoration. As preferences change, the décor of the room becomes simpler to create simple teen girls’ bedrooms. Reflecting the purity, teen bedroom furniture has fine details for elegant look and pastel tones for spacious feel; this will create the basis of simple teen bedroom ideas. Let’s take a look at a few suggestions to create simple girl bedroom:

Graceful as a Swan: Reflect the Flawlessness of White

Using white colour’s entrancing effect is an outstanding detail in simple girl bedroom design. You may pick white colour furniture to create a teen girl bedroom for a pure atmosphere, and for decoration; you may go for soft colours on wallpapers, accessories and carpet to reveal the flawlessness of white. Therefore, you will not block the simplicity of white with vibrant colours.

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Along with its creation of flawless display, white colour also bring calmness and relaxing, therefore, it can be preferred on teen girl bedroom furniture to create peaceful atmosphere which is suitable for moody periods of adolescence. We advise you to consider Laura in our Teen collection for your teen girl bedroom ideas to create calm and flawless white theme graceful as a swan. Simplicity of white and elegance of pink set will impress everyone with its flawless elegance and style. The bed canopy out of fairy tales brings enchanting effect of white to the room. 

Create an Elegant Teen Bedroom through Aesthetic Details

You may complete your girl bedroom ideas by adding aesthetic details that create elegant style. You may create a natural style by using only two or three colours in room décor.

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In order to reflect simplicity of your girl bedroom idea, you can create an integrity in room décor by choosing matching bedroom furniture, objects on walls, and complementary accessories. This balanced approach will bring out the aesthetic details of décor and create an elegant display. Having elegance in all of its aspects and bringing out an aesthetic style, our unique Butterfly collection will give you creative ideas for simple girl bedroom designs. Its white and plain design reflect simplicity, while butterfly patterns on cabinets and drawers reveals the elegance in details. Quilted bedhead in pastel pink tones, brings aesthetic look to simplicity of teen bedroom. This collection can be great addition for teen bedroom ideas due to its harmonious pieces and its elegant addition to simplicity.

Add Pastel Tones to Strong Stance of Patterns and Colours

While applying simple teen bedroom ideas, you can prefer pastel tones and plain designs for colours and patterns, in order to avoid creating vibrant, complex and spirited display.  

You can apply the simplicity of your girl bedroom ideas by using pastel tones that are not overshadowing simplicity of the room and creating a complex design. If you prefer large patterns for beddings, curtains and carpets, you may go for single colour in lighter tones. By doing so, patterns will not have complex style in background. You can also create simplicity through elegance by using softer tones of vibrant colours for the patterns of complementary accessories.       





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