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A Princess Style Car Bed In A Girls Room: Investigating The Impact On Creativity And Imagination

14 November 2017 by Babios
A Princess Style Car Bed In A Girls Room: Investigating The Impact On Creativity And Imagination

When it comes to car beds, people often tend to automatically assume that it is only boys that can have car themed beds. This is a part of the reason why many if not most of all the kids car beds that are manufactured are for boys and are usually centred around racing cars. What about girls? The choices for car themed beds for girls is normally a beautiful princess carriage type of bed.

The bed is the place where we dream, imagine and relax and while many parents rarely consider getting a little girl a car bed, what impact does a princess themed car bed in a girl's room has on her creativity and imagination as a whole?


Since car themed beds are not considered the norm for a girls room, having one means that the creativity of the girl is most likely to be impacted in a positive way; this is because by getting a car themed bed for a girl, one essentially steps out of the social restrictions of what is considered "normal" thus igniting a bout of creativity, acceptance and an open mind in little girls. This small gesture of hinting at being different and neutral will open the flood gates to new opportunities, thoughts, and views and may even encourage confidence in a child.

Alternatively, a princess car themed bed may negatively impact a little girls creativity - especially if peers and personal preferences of the girl do not match with that of the bed.


Many people believe that little girls solely dream and imagine about princesses and tea parties and as much as this is true, girls also imagine about pirates and planes. A princess themed car bed is the perfect blend of princess and reality which in turn opens countless streams of imaginations and dreams.

While they may not be super speed looking race cars with sounds and lights, a princess themed car bed may just be the needed touch to a fairy tale room. It adds to the feel of being in a magical kingdom - something that an ordinary block bed just couldn't achieve. A car bed similar to the style of Cinderella's in a room that has a princess room are a perfect match.

On the other hand a girl who is not interested in princess or fairy tales and with a bed that is themed around a princess car, can negatively affect their imagination by making the girl feel like she is forced inside a socially acceptable and demanded box.

Which Type Of Themed Princess Car Bed Should You Select?

Keeping in line with the luxurious and special feel of a princess theme is paramount to selecting a car bed and asking for the girls input into her preferred style of car bed can also be used as a pointer in the right direction.

A popular choice of car bed is one that is similar to a vintage car; and added modern features such as lights and sounds are a plus.

Other girls may not want to go full throttle into a princess car bed but still want the magical aspect of a princess theme. Babios has quality and safe products and the Crown bed is a fitting alternative to a car bed.

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