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Playroom Ideas For Kids: Practicality, The Reality And Psychological Dimension

05 October 2018 by Babios
Playroom Ideas For Kids: Practicality, The Reality And Psychological Dimension

There is something more you can do than just painting a room and buying a few teddy bears when it comes to decorating a child's room. Before we delve into the detail, here are some key playroom ideas for kids to consider:

  • Practical use of the room
  • Psychological dimension of the play area - what will the room offer in terms of cognitive development
  • Storage areas
  • Toys according to needs rather than for the sake of possession
  • How to nurture creativity and logical thinking in the room
  • A book corner for educational purposes
  • Can you bring school home?
  • Physical needs of your child
  • Journey of toys in a child’s life

Playroom Ideas For Kids

3 dimensions to consider for a perfect playroom

There are 3 different dimensions that you should consider for a perfect playroom ideas for kids; practicality, the reality and psychological dimension. How much space do you have? How about doors, lighting and sharp edges? Think about the areas and storage places you could organise.

Imagine whether these can stay clean for a long time. You don't want to have a playroom decoration that will look awful when your child spills something on it.

Playrooms are the places where you start turning your ideas into reality. Go to a hardware store and buy paints of different colours. Ask your neighbours for timber. Buy wall accessories, curtains, bedspreads, fabrics and various stencils. Try to see the playroom design through your child's perspective. Where should the toys stand? Where will the children run?

Playroom Ideas For Kids

There is also a psychological dimension. The most important dimension for parents on playroom decoration is this one. What will the playroom offer to your child in terms of cognitive development? What are your expectations from this room? Perhaps you want your kids to develop creativity, or you are aiming to help them to become physically stronger. There is no right or wrong answer here; it all depends on your goals.

When designing your child's activity area, you should carefully consider these three dimensions for the perfect playroom. If you need some help for creative solutions, you can get help from these playroom ideasfor kids.

Talk about the Journey of Toys!

Toys in children's life are important learning opportunities for them to find out about the life and to understand the story of toys. For this reason, we should not limit toys to "buying" and "possessing". When we talk about the stories and journeys of toys with our children, we take a step forward on getting toys according to their needs.

Playroom Ideas For Kids

How about a slide that will increase your child's creativity instead of an ordinary slide? With its length extending up to the ceiling, and the branches that you can paint with colourful ornaments, this slide could be a good choice for children's room.

You can create a book corner for both pre-school and school children. While designing a playroom, you could benefit from this opportunity to fill an empty space in the home and to improve your children's relation with books.

You can create an alphabet board in the playroom to introduce your child to the alphabet and to teach him/her the correct spelling. You can also create fun activities for pre-school children and children who recently learned how to read and write by giving crayons and blank papers.

Playroom Ideas For Kids

A home within a home... children like to play inside a house. They especially love it if they are playing it with friends. You could design a miniature home in the room if you want to create a colourful playroom decoration for your child.

How about bringing the school to home? If you have a big playroom, you could easily turn it into a classroom and make it simple for your child to get used to the school environment. You can create a nice classroom design with a blackboard and bulletin board where he/she can draw and write.

And let’s think about the physical activities as well... If you want to do something that will help your child's stress and physical development, you can prepare him/her a climbing corner. A decoration like a mountain climbing corner in the school gym could be very useful.

One of the first options you can use when decorating a playroom is a tent. You could use a tent to create a fun space for your children. A comfortable tent where he/she can read books, eat and even sleep can help him/her to have a pleasant time alone.

Playroom Ideas For Kids

Remarks about toys and playroom ideas for kids

Toys are Like the Forts of a Child!

We shouldn't be too intrusive in the toy choices and we should make sure that the child has his/her choices. But, needless to say, that this freedom of choice should be within certain limits.

A child should not get every toy!

This will be a major factor that will help your child not to give up on the goals that he/she cannot acquire easily, and instead will support and encourage them to set a goal and work towards achieving it.

Playroom Ideas For Kids

Toys should not consume a child’s imagination, instead imagination should be nurtured with toys

With technology penetrating into every aspect of our lives, every toy in a child’s life became more colourful, detailed and beautiful. Even though this situation is seen as a very positive thing, some kind of deficiency always develops in people. For this reason, rather than looking for the perfect toy, observe how the toy nurtures your child’s imagination and emotions. A toy that is not exciting will not initiate imagination, which is then doomed to be set aside by kids.


So, here we have covered some of the essentials of playroom ideas for kids. Do you have any suggestions? Please feel free to comment below, and let’s have a constructive discussion.

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Playroom Ideas For Kids





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