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Nursery Room And Baby Cleaning Tips

24 November 2017 by Babios
Nursery Room And Baby Cleaning Tips

You have just stepped in to the wonders of motherhood, full of excitement and overwhelmed with motherly feelings, where no words could ever describe this feeling. There's always a "but" isn't it? But every enjoyment comes with a price to pay.

The process of raising a child is definitely not as straightforward as it looks, there are challenges you will have to face throughout this journey (more like a marathon). Even something as simple as tidying up the mess created due to feeding, washing and changing nappies at 3am can be mission impossible. That beautiful room you have created and decorated with care needs to be clean and stay clean at all times. Again, this sounds like an easy task but imagine repeating it 10 times within a 24 hour cycle, now it's a daunting task. Given that this is such a tough job to handle, a few cleaning tips can go a long way.

Babies can be messy at any time. They will have sudden calls during day and night. Each time it will be hard to keep the nursery clean, that's if you're not well planned and organized. Make sure you have baby safe cleaning products.

Sanitation station

The sanitation station will help you to tackle cleaning, again that's if you're well organised. Keep the cleaning products such as antibacterial gel, nappies, nappy cream, and paper towel for instant cleaning. You have to clean and wipe down the sanitation station after every change, so nothing is left behind. Use organic and baby products that are mild and keep the baby safe from irritation. Clean your hands with paper towel and hand sanitizer before you ever leave the sanitation station. All this is to protect and prevent surfaces and essential items from germs and bacteria.


Trashcan selection is important. It does not mean that you get an open bin. Make sure to purchase a bin with a lid containing sanitary materials. As it is not opened, the chance of transmitting bacteria and germs are less. This will reduce the odour of used nappies and wipes. Another important tip for consideration is to choose the trash bin with a foot pedal. After changing the baby you don't need to touch the bin with your hands.


Baby laundry can be tricky and tough, so try to make the cleaning bit as easy as possible. You may want to use mild cleaning products, but you also want to make sure your baby's clothes are clean. Harsh detergents (e.g. biological agents) may cause irritation. The mildest products have lack of cleaning properties to remove stains. So, here are some more cleaning tips:

  1. Babies will surprise you with the amount of laundry they generate, and what's worse is if nothing is done about it, the stains with non-biological agents can be difficult to remove. Don't let the stains get permanent.
  2. If you get fresh dirty clothes straight after changing your babies' nappy, then water should be adequate to remove the stains. For this, always presoak clothes in cold water.
  3. Avoid scrubbing clothes, it may damage the fabric.
  4. Baking soda is an effective cleaner. Mix with water in a paste form and use it on the stain. You may need to add additional water while presoaking. Baking soda can remove stains and turn your baby's clothes as good as new. It's also one of the best deodorizer and fabric softener.
  5. Rinse the clothes thoroughly after treating the stains. Hot water is best for washing to prevent bacteria.
  6. Keep baby clothes separate from the rest of the family.

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