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Nursery Cleaning Checklist: What To Do Daily, Weekly And Monthly

29 December 2017 by Babios
Nursery Cleaning Checklist: What To Do Daily, Weekly And Monthly

The nursery room is the most sensitive place at home. It will seek extra attention. The cleaning of the room and maintaining cleanliness is important. The baby will stay 24/7 in the nursery. It needs cleaning almost on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It must be germ free. The baby's essentials and toys must be clean and germ free too.

The following nursery cleaning checklist will help you out to make and follow the schedule regularly. Cleaning has different stages and time requirement. So, make a to-do list to keep yourself stress-free and punctual. This will help you to separate the cleaning task from days, weeks and months. Make a list of daily do's, weekly and monthly do's. You can keep the nursery clean and fresh stress-free and exhaustion.

Cleaning the cot bed

Clean the mattress of the cot with nursery cleaning product and wipe or towel. Then dry it with a new clean towel or cloth. Take your vacuum cleaner with a brush, clean both sides of the mattress thoroughly. Wipe the cot bed such as the rails, slat and legs with warm water and dishwashing liquid. Take bed clothes to wash out in the washing machine with mild detergent powder.

Nursery toys

Babies explore their world with their toys in their mouth. It is important to sanitize the nursery toys daily.  Stuffed toys can be easily washed out in the washing machine. Other nursery toys can be sanitized with nursery cleaning products, warm water and towels. Dry them out again with a clean towel or cloth.

Nursery Cleaning Checklist

Floors cleaning

Babies tend to spend a lot of time on the floor. They crawl around the room.

So, regular cleaning of the floor is vital. Clean the floor with mild floor cleaner and mop it thoroughly.

Nursery Cleaning Checklist

Nursery carpet

If you have carpeted wall to-wall of your nursery, then it's virtually impossible not to have dust. Nursery carpets look clean but secretly it gets dusty. It can cause allergies, so you may need to vacuum it at least twice a week. Make sure the dust is thoroughly taken off.

Nursery Cleaning Checklist


Our nursery rooms can sometimes be full of toys, books, and many other items. Clutter begins to appear most prominently when we own too much stuff. Conversely, the fewer items we own, the easier it is to keep clutter at a minimum. The first (and most important) step in keeping your nursery room clutter-free is to remove the excessive possessions that are stealing your time and energy. Keep all toys and other essentials in a cupboard or in a separate storage(s).

Nursery Cleaning Checklist

Daily nursery cleaning checklist
  1. Change the bed clothes every day

  2. Keep the mattress waterproof and clean daily

  3. Dust the furniture and clean the surfaces with dishwasher liquid if needed.

  4. Keep the nappy bin clean and empty it every day.

  5. Ventilate the room at least twice a day and more. Keep the windows open for twenty minutes in the morning and evening too.

  6. Remove clutter and store baby's toys in chests or storage buckets.

  7. Don't forget to clean and wipe out the changing table each time after changing your baby's nappy and before leaving.

Weekly nursery cleaning checklist
  1. Dust baby room thoroughly

  2. Re-arrange the chest of drawers and wardrobes

  3. Clean the cot and vacuum the mattress

  4. Floor washing and carpet cleaning with a vacuum

  5. Clean the changing table and check the essentials and refill them accordingly

Monthly nursery cleaning checklist
  1. Clean the lights and fans

  2. Wipe out the doors and walls

  3. Clean the windows and blinds

  4. Wash out the curtains





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