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Modern Bunk Beds, Space Saving Bunk Beds Beneficially Fit

09 January 2018 by Babios
Modern Bunk Beds, Space Saving Bunk Beds Beneficially Fit

Children need more space in their room. The space for playing time and study time. If you have children to share the same room, then you cannot place two beds side by side, as this will occupy the space for playing and other pieces of furniture in the room, e.g. wardrobe, chest of drawers and study desks. The stacked bunk bed creates an imaginary second floor, which then opens a wide space for other furnitures, and more importantly space for children to play.

UV Printed Bunk Beds

We know how hard it can be to organise bedrooms at home, which is particularly more challenging when space is at premium. Imagine your child number 2 or number 3 is ready to make a move to a new room, and there are no additional rooms available (apart from the bedroom for number 1 child), and as far as future plans are concerned you have no intention of moving to a new home or build an extension. I suppose the obvious solution is a double decker bunk bed, and a trundle bed can be a life saver, either for the third member of the family or a sleep over.

There are a wide variety of bunk beds on offer nowadays and as always we are spoilt for choice. As parents and guardians there are a number of essential pieces of information needed before purchasing a bunk bed.

  1. Is the construction of the furniture robust, strong and reliable, so that it last's over 10 years and more importantly could it carry the weight of two, three or even four (kids playing);

  2. Does it follow all the major health, safety and quality standards,

  3. Is there a risk of falling? All of these questions matter and the answers must be convincing.

The modern bunk beds could simply solve most of your problems. You can easily create more space with less, just like the bunk bed below, which is made up of a bunk bed, children's bed, study desk, 2 door wardrobe, shelf and stairs with 4 large chest of drawers. This is not just any old children's furniture, but exclusively designed and constructed for Babios. It has many spectacular features, designed to meet all the requirements of children, with a modern twist and functionality.

This bunk bed set with a separate 2 door wardrobe are constructed using environmentally friendly material known as MDF, which produces the lowest volatile organic compound emissions. The metal railings around the stairs and top bunk bed gives that vital touch of character.

This beautiful children's bedroom furniture set weighs in excess of half a tonne (i.e. 500kg), which is built to last at least a decade. The chunky panels are held together with high quality fittings, resulting in a robust construction.

The stairs can be positioned either on the left or right side of the bunk bed, with 4 large chest of drawers. Space in most households in the UK, particularly in cities and flats are always at premium, and for this reason the chest of drawers on the stairs can be extremely useful to store your child's clothes and educational materials and more. So, why make a further expense buying separate chest of drawers?

In addition to the chest of drawers, this modern yet affordable bunk bed set has a wide shelf for books, magazines and essential items. To avoid trapping fingers and slamming, the doors are fitted with soft closing mechanisms.

We all know that kids love space saving bunk beds in their room. They love every bit of it. The designer bunk beds are making a huge comeback that adults love.


There are numerous ways of organising a room with bunk beds, which comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. For example:

  1. Standard bunk bed
  2. Twin over full bunk bed
  3. Full over full bunk bed
  4. L-shape bunk
  5. Loft bunk bed
  6. Triple loft bunk bed

Bunk beds are available in full sizes and twin, sometimes a combination of both. This will be helpful to accommodate children of all ages. Some of the bunk beds convert into a sofa giving children the space to sit for homework and playing their games. The modern bunk beds are available with the lower trundle to pull out. You get the flexibility with the highly functional storage and built-in drawers.

Bunk Bed Sets with 4 Door Wardrobe

Fun For Kids

The space saving bunk beds will be fun for children. The bunk beds usually have stairs with drawers. That will make fun for children to take and place their things in it. The bunk beds have different designs, such as some bunk beds has study desk system at the side of the top bunk. Children will enjoy their study time more than anything. The wardrobe beneath the bunk bed provides huge amounts of space for clothing, toys and other belongings.

Bunks For Elders

The modern bunk beds aren't just for children. The bunk beds are so useful for elders as well. If you have a small house with limited rooms, then family members can be accommodated too. So, each member of the family will have a separate bed to have a comfortable sleeping space. This can be very useful, whenever you have a guest at your home. The guest will get separate sleeping space to have a tight sleep. Another best use of the bunk beds are when you have a patient at your home. The caretaker will have a bed to sleep at night. The caretaker will be near to the patient at the time of help and care.

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