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Lets Get To Know The Enemies Of Rugs And Safety Measurements

19 January 2018 by Babios
Lets Get To Know The Enemies Of Rugs And Safety Measurements

The rugs always look so friendly to floor decor. In fact, a floor without a carpet is incomplete. You've finally got what you were looking for. But, a rug is usually kept for a long time and maintaining the looks, durability and strength can sometimes be difficult. The good news is that I am not talking about the vigilance round the clock. Prevention is better than a cure. Let's have a look at the dangers that may lurk out and the enemies of rugs and carpets.


The most common and dangerous element for carpets and rugs is moisture, which is the number 1 cause of a reduction in a life cycle. Extensive exposure to water can rot the underlying fibers of a rug, regardless of the type of material used, whether it's a wool, cotton, goat hair or silk. A lot of people tend to use large amounts of water for washing rugs. Use of small amounts of water (in the form of drips) and blow drying the carpet is very important to avoid mildew on a rug. For instance, the direct placing of flower pots on the rug can damage the surrounding areas.

Insects Are An Enemy Of Carpets

Another familiar and most damaging thing for rugs and carpets. Carpet beetles are small, reddish-brown or blackish, dark insects that develop from fiber and wool-eating larvae. The moths and beetles do not do the real damage. In fact, their larvae do. They lay eggs on all kind of natural fiber, such as a feather, wool, silk, fur, and even leather. The considerable damage does to the hungry larvae's that hatch from eggs. Usually happens when you spill sweet drinks or milky product on carpets and rugs, especially when they are left uncleaned.

Prevention Of Insect Damages

Prevent potential damage caused by insects, and vacuum cleans the carpet or rug at least once a week. Repeat the same process for the other side of the rug (again at least once a month).? Flip the rug, vacuum its backside and mob?the surface where you have placed the rug or carpet. Let the surface dry thoroughly after mopping, then put the carpet or rug back to its position.

UV Lights

The ultraviolet rays will dramatically fade out the color of rugs, especially if it placed near the window. The hard and prolonged sunshine through the particular window gets through to the carpet. The possible damage caused by the strength of the ultraviolet rays can be reduced through the application of a UV reduction film or replacing the window glass with UV protective panels. The latter can be rather expensive, so instead of using a thick curtain or blinds can be an alternative to reduce the damage incurred by direct sunlight.

Common Spill

The quickest thing to do after a spill on the carpet or a rug (say an orange juice or an apple juice) is to clean the carpet and more importantly make sure it thoroughly dried before the fiber absorbs the liquid. It can be difficult to remove the stain if it dries. Instant action is to wipe with a clean cloth or paper towel.





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