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Kid's Bedroom Interior Design Ideas: In The Eyes Of The Experts

29 June 2018 by Babios
Kid's Bedroom Interior Design Ideas: In The Eyes Of The Experts

Did you know that being creative enables children to make connections between one area of learning and another? This includes art, music, dance, role-play and imaginative play. Therefore, creating a novel environment for your child has a huge impact on their imaginations, giving them the opportunity to develop lifelong talents, such as creative thinking and problem solving skills through an atmosphere that’s full of creativity.

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So, why not start creativity in your child’s bedroom? After all, kids spend significant amount of time in their bedrooms playing, socialising, studying, and relaxing. Nurture your child’s creativity at home, by creating that novel environment with a sense of purpose and dedication.

Regardless what a child does in a bedroom, their space should be designed and created with “them” in mind. Amongst child psychologists, interior designers, and parenting experts, there is a consensus that a kid’s bedroom should reflect a child’s personality. A 21st century modern kid’s bedroom should be multi-purpose, multi-functional, but stylish, fun, comfortable and cosy too.

Many interests are short lived but there are some really exciting kid’s bedroom interior design ideas, including boy’s room and girl’s room that you will love for many years. Babios (www.babios.co.uk) has collaborated with some of the most established interior designers in the UK to showcase a first-hand experience of interior designs created for kids.

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Without further ado, let’s have a closer look at these designs. Note that the content description is provided by interior designers, and should you be interested, feel free to contact them for further details.

1. Noor Charchafchi

Company name: Celine Estates

Email: noor@celineestates.com 

Website: www.celineestates.com

Girls Room Ideas

Celine Estates, known for creating outstanding interiors, have recently delivered the most magical children's bedroom for a very young client whose parents wanted her bedroom to be transitional rather than temporary and specific to her current age group. The team captured the essence of the brief to create an enchanted secret space. Using hues of dusty pinks and purple to enable the room to be both feminine and playful yet transitional in nature, the team produced a magical room with aged brass branched wardrobe handles, linen painted wall coverings with flowering branches and a softly curved headboard laid over all the beautiful materials and details. The range of materials and rich overlays of fabrics and soft colours really bring the whole room to life in the most artistic of ways.

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2. Lily Paulson-Ellis

Company name: Lily Paulson-Ellis Interior Design

Email: lily@lpedesigns.co.uk

Website: www.lpedesigns.co.uk

Nursery Room Ideas

Both nurseries were guest bedrooms turned into a room for a new baby. I used cot beds that can take the baby from new born up to toddler by removing the sides and lowering the mattress once they can stand and climb! Comfortable armchairs are essential for late night feeds with new-born’s but later on to read bedtime stories together. The boy’s nursery has a pelmet, curtains and a blind, all blackout lined which is so important for stopping a baby waking too early when the mornings start getting light earlier. Shelving was allowed for the growing collection of books that you get given when they are born and for birthdays and christenings. I love to use a whimsical wallpaper to stimulate those little minds with imagination though keep the tones nice and restful.

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3. Samantha Morphew

Company name: Morph Designs Ltd

Email: info@morphdesigns.co.uk 

Website: www.morphdesigns.co.uk

Kids Room

Children’s interiors can be as wild as their little imaginations. From themes varying from fire eating dragons to fluffy mice dressed as ballerinas. Let their room be a part of their personality. This is one room where it can stand on its own and all rules with in-keeping decor throughout the home can move aside. Standard stereotypes of baby pink and blue rooms can be updated to stronger patterns, with the use of print and in some cases the colour palette of monochrome.

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As a child my creative imagination run wild with my plain 80s blue twist carpet acting as a perfect sea bed for me to believe I was a mermaid. Add staging and theatre to a room in order to give it a theme. Creating a magical space with character and personality can be easily added with soft furnishings and accessories.

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In some cases people may leave their neutral interiors and add accessories that fill the room with colour and visual interest. This will stand the test of time and identity can be added and changed as the child grows.

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Quick ways of revamping rooms is to up cycle furniture by painting original pieces a colour and changing the handles. Adding a patterned rug can add instant design effect to a plain carpet. Be a bright spark and be playful with lighting concepts from fairy lights to quirky table lamp bases and shades.

And… The overall message is have fun as it’s a Small World After All!

4. Jenny Branson

Company name: Design For Living

Email: jenny@jennybranson.com 

Website: www.jennybranson.com  

Kids Room

When I design for babies, kids and teenagers, my aim is to create unique spaces full of personality that will can grow with and adapt to the child, and meet their needs throughout the various stages of their childhood. Wallpaper is a fantastic way to inject fun and colour into a scheme, but I avoid specific characters and themes as these always have a short lifespan where kids are concerned. Instead, bold spots, stripes or quirky animals - House of Hackney’s ‘Hackney Empire’ collection or Cole & Son’s ‘Flamingos’ for example - can work really well.

Boys Room Ideas

Wall stickers are also great fun, and easily removed when an update is wanted. I also love using colourful furniture in a scheme. It can really pop against a more neutral background. Feather & Black’s ‘Oliver’ Children’s Bed is a great favourite of mine. Storage is also key. Colourful plastic trugs, under-bed pull out drawers, hanging storage bags like those from stuffel.co.uk and stools with internal hidden storage - blueticking.co.uk do a great range - are all fantastic ways of helping kids keep clutter at bay. It’s all about having fun and keeping beige at bay!

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5. Emma Gordon

Company name: Eyecandy Interior Design Ltd 


Website: www.eyecandy-interiordesign.co.uk

Kids Room

The Bridge is a new development in Howarth, in the heart of Bronte country. Our clients Skipton Properties wanted a light and airy space with a few Industrial touches, this applied to the small children’s room as well. We didn’t have much room to play with but wanted to create a room that was memorable and different to what you normally get in the average show home. We came up with the idea of having a little canopy made bespoke by our joiner to go over the top of the bed in a house shape with a chimney at the top. It is a very simple idea and relatively easy to re-create but made all the difference, turning a small box bedroom into a charming children’s bedroom to remember. The gorgeous wallpaper is from ‘Hibou Home’.

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6. Talya Nicolay

Company: Kinderoo Children's Interiors

Email: hello@kinderoo.co.uk  

Website: www.kinderoo.co.uk

Kids Bedroom

Children’s spaces are fast becoming a creative extension to the family home. At Kinderoo we help busy parents create the perfect nursery, bedroom or playroom for the development of your little one. We create beautiful safe spaces to be enjoyed by children and admired by adults across the world. Lover of all things art, crafts and style, Kinderoo founder and interior decorator Talya Nicolay found her inspiration to start her business after having her own child, decorating their nursery and then the rooms of friends and family. Encouraged by how much she loved creating these beautiful spaces and how much her friends loved her work, she knew that there was perhaps a business in this niche service, and she was right!

Talya knows that it is not only important to have the space looking gorgeous but it is also key to have something that is practical. She is truly passionate about producing calm and happy, yet fun spaces that are a reflection of the child’s individuality and desires. This passion, along with her ‘don’t be afraid of colour’ mantra is infectious. Her interior design flare has now extended to family homes where she transforms entire homes, working closely with architects, to produce relaxed and inviting spaces for the entire family.

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Some of the projects she holds close to her heart is the work she does for Make A Wish UK transforming kids room to create safe and calming environments for the children who’s wish it is to have a new room.

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7. Medina King

Company: MK Kids Interiors

Email: info@mkkidsinteriors.com  

Website: www.mkkidsinteriors.com

Children’s Bedroom

MK Kids Interiors is London’s most creative children’s interior design company that designs personalised, colourful and fun kids room and playrooms for children. When designing a playroom for children, safety and practicality must firstly be considered.

Playrooms can get messy and are somewhat allowed to be. However, it is much better for children’s wellbeing to have an organised and designated space for all their toys. It is imperative to design children’s playroom storage according to the toys, books and games they own. Have books on display and easily accessible for children to reach themselves. The storage spaces must be designed in various sizes to accommodate different toys. Drawers are more suited for smaller toys such as legos. Cupboards can be used for a mixture of storage baskets and larger toys. Storage needs may vary depending on the child’s age, conversely the key to great design is creating a space that is adaptable and grows with the child.

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Safety comes first and we are privileged to work with a team of builders, who share the same values. When designing bespoke furniture that children can possibly climb on, or pull down, bolt them to the walls or floors. Ensure they are secure. Depending on the age of the child install safety corner protectors for furniture edges and ‘soft close’ hinges for cupboard doors.

Finally experiment with design and make it personal to the child, so that if will be a room loved by the child and envied by their friends.

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8. Edwards Bulmer Natural Paint

Company name: Edward Bulmer Natural Paint
Email:  info@edwardbulmerpaint.co.uk  
Website:  www.edwardbulmerpaint.co.uk

The Nursery Collection by Edward Bulmer Natural Paint is carefully designed to create a palette that will cater to all tastes and ages. From choosing a colour for that first precious nursery through to a teenager’s personal space, the Nursery Collection will allow the room to grow with your child.

Our unique and 100% natural paint gives excellent coverage in just two coats, making it quick and easy to apply. A hypoallergenic paint that is VOC free, odourless and contains no nasty chemicals; it will withstand the rigours of childhood and can be wiped clean – a must for sticky fingers!

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All Edward Bulmer Natural Paint is unique in its ability to offer a paint that will create a healthy environment. Plastic, often referred to in paint as acrylic, PVA or vinyl are all plastic binders that pollute our rivers and seas with their micro plastics. By using our paint you will be assisting in the fight against unnecessary plastics. The Nursery Collection creates a healthy environment for your precious baby and family to flourish in. Why compromise.

9. Gemma Applegate

Company name: GPA Interior Design

Email: gpa_interiordesign@outlook.com  

Website: www.gpainteriordesign.co.uk

Boys Room Ideas

The attached photos show a children’s play room I designed for a client.   I had a completely blank canvas, and asked my client if they liked bold bright colours and I was lucky enough that they were not afraid! 

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The theme of the room was to bring the outside in which was in the form of a forest.  One wall had a children’s forest mural and the rest was painted a dark green colour.   The key piece of furniture in the room is the tree house design camp bed.  It comes with a ladder which can be used for playtime or when the boys have a sleep over.  To continue with the theme I purchased soft cuddly animal heads, which were placed on the walls.  The boys loved the room, and it is something that will last as the boys grow up. 

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10. Karen Robinson

Company name: Ruby Red Interiors

Email: info@rubyredinteriors.co.uk

Website: www.rubyredinteriors.co.uk

Girls Room Ideas

The brief for this 5 year old girl’s room was to maximise the available space. Her room is an ‘attic’ room meaning we had a sloping roof to contend with when coming up with the optimum design. In order to utilise the space effectively, we centred the bed in between both sides of the sloping roof and then built storage either side of the bed.  The raised bed has clever storage underneath which stores not only toys but also clothing. This style of bed together with the built-in wardrobes has helped create a lovely empty floor space in the centre of the room in which the child can play. The colour scheme was kept light, bright and vibrant, with pops of colour coming from the furniture and soft furnishings, such as the pink ‘jigsaw’ rug in the centre of the room.

Image title

Tween’s bedroom

Bridging the design gap between child and teen is notoriously difficult, because while the young adult is still very much a child, their sense of no longer being a ‘baby’ is very acute!

The 12 year old girl for whom we designed this bedroom was adamant that she did not want pink to overpower the design.  While she actually liked the colour pink (and professed to being ‘very girlie’), she was of the opinion that pink was associated with younger girls. So, we set to work to give her a vibrant scheme that would still have a feminine charm but with none of the ‘girlie’ clichés she wished to avoid. The vivid blue and lime green colour palette with accents of brown, pink and yellow create a colourful scheme but with a ‘mature’ feel.

The scheme also incorporated clever storage. The boiler was taken out of this bedroom and the remaining ‘shell’ was used to house the child’s fish tank with ample storage for toys above it.

Image title

11. Chiara Pavan

Company name: Secretcape

Email: chiarapavan@secretcape.co.uk

Website: www.secretcape.co.uk

Girls Room Ideas

Remembering friends, happy times, and the bedroom where you used to dream. In our Mansfield street property, we created a space for a teenage young lady that is bright fun and yet still refined. Following the Secretcape design principal of blending colour, texture and bespoke detail. We created a bedroom that is both young and fresh but still exquisite and stylish. A dreamy oasis infused with springtime prints, a custom-made decorative curtain hangs next to the bespoke headboards, a fusion of French classical ornaments and light touch of baroque. The lacquer bedside tables and wardrobes recall the colours of the floral prints creating a “fil rouge” embracing the ornately carved furniture. The subtle blend of textures and ornamentation create a warm and sophisticated bedroom for a young adult which can accommodate best friends for sleepovers.”

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12. Roselind Wilson

Company: Roselind Wilson Design

Email: info@roselindwilsondesign.com

Website: www.roselindwilsondesign.com  

Children’s Bedroom Ideas

With so many creative furniture pieces, storage solutions and decorating possibilities, you can have all sorts of fun designing or updating your child’s bedroom. The key is to create a space that encourages your child’s hobbies and interests, reflects their personality and remains a stimulating, adaptable and fun space for years to come.

Image title

For the design of the children’s bedrooms in our Broad Walk family home, we chatted to each of the boys at the beginning of the design process to find out their favourite colours and what excited them most about having their own creative space. Both boys loved the colour blue, which we highlighted in different shades in both bedrooms. We also injected pops of colour through décor and accessories in each room such as the table lamps and ottoman chairs. Patterned wallpaper always adds a bit of fun and individuality to an interior scheme and can be easily updated as the children get older. A crucial consideration in the design of each bedroom was plenty of storage space. The bespoke joinery in each room includes a desk area as well as storage for books, toys and gadgets. Geometric shelving is another fun component and is not only perfectly practical but adds a unique element to the room.

For more information about this project click here: https://www.roselindwilsondesign.com/portfolio/broadwalk-winchmore-hill/

Image title

We took a similar approach to the children’s bedrooms in our Richmond family home however we also carefully considered the distinctive architectural style of the beautiful 1920s mock-Tudor property with its dark oak panelling and exposed beams. The design for both bedrooms started with a large desk that extended across the full width of the room beneath the window to allow for good lighting, together with wardrobes and storage on either side of the desk.

Girls Room Ideas

For the girl’s bedroom, the joinery was sprayed in a soft lacquer with shaker style doors in a contrasting pastel teal and soft lavender. We designed a trundle bed, which is perfect for friends’ sleepovers and ideal for rooms that are tight on space. The sheer canopy draped from the ceiling and twisted around gentle tiebacks is an elegant feature in the room, while a striking geometric rug fills the floor to connect the desk area and bed. The palette of soft teal and lavender form a perfect backdrop for the textures and gentle floral fabrics making it a delightful room for a young girl to feel just like a princess.

Image title

Boys Room Ideas

The boy’s bedroom features a palette of navy and grey hues. The room has a double aspect with one window forming a beautiful bay area. In this area we placed a single sofa bed in a navy check fabric for friends to lounge on or when playing computer games. The bespoke desk has also been placed under the window to take advantage of the natural light, with shelves and pigeon-hole storage fitted to the wall adjacent to the desk. The joinery has been finished in satin grey lacquer with dark yellow accents, while the walls in a soft, warm grey complement the timber exposed beams to provide a rustic take on the contemporary design.

Image title

For more information about this project click here:


13. Merissa Patrick

Company: Skinners of Tunbridge Wells

Email: merissa@skinnersoftunbridgewells.co.uk 

Website: www.skinnersoftunbridgewells.co.uk

A Unique Kids Room, As Part of Boys Room Ideas

At Skinners of Tunbridge Wells we design children’s bedrooms and playrooms that break the mould. Children and young people love to be creative and so we create innovative and thrilling interior spaces for our young clients. After all, who wants to be the same as everyone else?

A key point in the design process is to engage with the young client. Their input is crucial in getting the design details right, although that doesn’t mean Mum and Dad don’t get the final OK! We also know that when a child that loves their space they treat it with pride and respect and, hopefully, keep it tidy.

Longevity is also a big consideration in all of our projects, so we ensure that our designs will grow with the young client and remain suitable for at least 5 to 8 years. But most importantly the team at Skinners of Tunbridge Wells always go the extra mile to achieve a big smile for the child - as well as the big kid in all of us.

Image title

14. Heather Calder

Company: Heather Interior Design

Email: h.calder@heatherinteriordesign.co.uk  

Website: http://www.heatherinteriordesign.co.uk

Girls Room Ideas: Every Little Girl Deserves a Pretty Bedroom

This project is very close to my heart and I felt very humbled and privileged to be a part of it.  The Make a Wish Team contacted me to design a bedroom for a special little girl.  Her requests were very simple, she loved pink hearts, shoes, dressing up and most of all dreamed of going to ballet classes.  Being housebound meant that she could never attend ballet lessons.  So a little area for her to practice at the barre was at the forefront of my mind. As you can see from the link http://www.heatherinteriordesign.co.uk/make-wish-project-photos-1/   

The room was a little awkward in shape with sloped ceilings so bespoke cabinetry was made to accommodate this, complete with decorative trim and fabric covered shelving.


Opening up the wardrobe reveals love hearts for that extra smile. This open storage space was covered with mirrored slide robes and of course a very special ballet barre (with flower end finials) was installed.


Curtains were luxuriously made in Harlequin’s Twinkle Toes fabric and a heart shaped bedframe continued the theme of love hearts.


The pretty bed canopy was customised with sparkling bead trim, the softest bedlinen and bespoke soft furnishings were made as bolster and scatter cushions to adorn the bed.

I had a great team of artisans with the biggest hearts, and all their love helped create this little girl’s bedroom.  To see her little face light up with delight and happiness left us feeling choked.  Every little girls deserves a pretty bedroom and we will hold this one in our hearts forever.

15. Kelly Davies

Company: Kelly Davies Interior Design Ltd

Email: info@kellydavies.co.uk

Website: www.kellydavies.co.uk

Kids Bedroom Ideas

The most important consideration for me when designing a room whether it be for a small child or teenager is to create an interior that will last. It is always important to think ahead when you are tackling a project as an Interior Designer as you want to design a space that not only works for the client now, but will also stand the test of time. A top tip is to use products that will appeal to the child's age but will also be timeless. As an example, if I am using wallpaper I love using products such as this Cole & Son magical wallpaper as I know this will work well for a baby, but also appeal to an older child. Another idea which I have implemented is to add a quirky frieze to the wall such as this friendly owl paper, again by Cole & Son, rather than wallpapering the entire wall this can be changed over time to suit the room.

Image title

16. Fleur Ward

Company: Fleur Ward Interior Design

Email: Info@fleurwardinteriordesign.com 

Website: www.fleurwardinteriordesign.com 

Kids Room

This boy’s room was so much fun to design. My clients were open to colour and ideas but also had some thoughts of their own which meant it was collaborative and fun. My little clients were 8 & 6 at the time and shared a room. I make a point of having a meeting with the children as it’s important to include them in the process - it’s their room after all! Kids have great ideas and they should feel involved. The brief included, toy storage, a desk, a nod to Lego Ninjago and obviously bed/beds for the boys. There was this obvious space between the wardrobes which we had to keep – there was nothing wrong with them as such but the room was tired and needed complete redecoration. I decided to build a freestanding bunk bed which would fit nicely into this space and also create a cubby house for them to play in. I chose a white/grey brick wallpaper to use as a neutral background but to also create an urban/industrial feel. I didn’t want to go too twee or childish as the scheme needed to see them through a few years and be suitable as they grow older.

Boys Room Ideas

Murals can be peeled off so they are a great way of adding age appropriate interest. I found a super Lego Ninjago wall decal of the characters bursting through the wall and when stuck on top of the brick wallpaper it looked very realistic! The boys loved it. The colour I chose was Dulux Teal Tension as it was the perfect match to a chevron fabric I wanted to use and had the intensity of colour I was looking for. The Wardrobes looked new once painted and the fabric looked striking on the bed and as curtains. We also painted the picture rail to help ‘frame’ the room. I designed joinery around a radiator to conceal it and create a workspace for craft or homework as it comes. Under the window I designed joinery to create toy storage and a window seat for them to sit and read.

Image title

Fleur Ward



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