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Key points to consider before buying a bunk bed

22 September 2017 by Babios
Key points to consider before buying a bunk bed

The more, the merrier. People naturally find happiness if there are a lot of individuals surrounding them. The diversity of the environment brings so much thrill and excitement to us, making our day to day lives something to look forward to. We find it boring if we don't have people that challenge us to achieve more. We consistently need to look for an inspiration that can give us a kick to progress. One of those hard kickers will be our family.

Having your own family is fun and can be a great source of contentment especially if you are ready before it all happened. I always imagine a perfect family like this: mum and dad smiling while carrying their new born baby and holding the hand of the toddler on the other. If only we could freeze this moment forever. Definitely not.

Time will pass and everyone will grow older and bigger. The baby will outgrow the crib and the toddler will soon need to leave mummy and daddy's room and start sleeping on his own bed.

If you notice that you are caught up on the situation where you need to upgrade your furniture because of your growing family, always list down the beds as one of the priorities. Having the luxury to sleep comfortably is one of the main factors of keeping a productive life the next day.

One popular furniture choice for a growing family is the bunk bed. It's practically the best space-saver if your kids share a room because it will literally open a space for your children's study table and closet as it creates an imaginary second floor where the child could sleep. One cool thing about this stacked bed is that it comes with a lot of modern designs depending on your family's preference. You will surely have something flowery, girly or even unicorn-themed frames for your growing girls or some tough-ish masculine style for your boys.

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One thing to consider carefully though will be the safety of your off springs. If your bub keeps on rolling during his deep sleep and doesn't have any unconscious awareness of his personal space, there will be a great chance that he will fall. Depending on their age, kids' bones are still delicate hence, a fall might cause broken bones, bumps and injuries. It's highly suggested that the older one should stay on top to lessen the chances of unwanted accidents.

Once your family is decided to buy this type of children's bedroom furniture, be keen to look for a bunk bed that is made with quality materials. If you plan to create a contemporary aura by getting a metal frame, choose those that have thick stainless steel if possible, so that you don't have to worry about rusting in future. It may cost you a bit more, but at least you will be able to maximize the use of the bed. The little ones would enjoy room-sharing when they are at least 7 t o17 year old, before they demand a room of their own, so choose the one that can last for at least a decade. Frames made of quality woods like MDF, oak and beech are also a good choice due to being naturally sturdy. If you are thinking of getting wooden bed frames, you can have it pre-treated to avoid termites destroying your lovely piece of art. Avoid constant exposure to liquid spills too as it degrades wood quality. DIY tip: paint your wooden bunk bed uniform to your kids' room furniture - it does not only preserve the wood but also adds style to their space.

Verdict: Though it's really tempting to rush down to your nearest furniture shops, it will be best to have a good conversation with your kids if you are picking a bed that they will use. It will show that you value their opinion and will definitely practice their decision making skills as early as now.

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