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Is room decor anyway associated with your child's development?

20 October 2017 by Babios
Is room decor anyway associated with your child's development?

It is a known fact that a baby's developmental milestones can be achieved faster if it grows in a stimulating and a colourful environment. A child develops continuously in a predictable sequence, yet every kid is unique and different strongly influenced by the genetic factors. In this 'contemporary' world, parents focus on upbringing their children in the most 'luxurious' way possible. Most parents allows their kids the right to eat whatever they want, sleep whenever they want, right to choose what kind of 'children'sfurniture' they would prefer in their room etc. If customers are king of the market, kids nowadays rule over their parents. It may be because even in the children's world, competition does exist. They all want better stuffs than their friends or relatives.

When it comes to planning a room for your kids, it's better to furnish it in a way that will last from their toddler years to teens. Various themes according to your child's preferences can be used for decoration. Wide variety of themes like cars, flowers, polka dots, cartoons, pirates, camouflage, space, girly and beach or surfer can be used. If your boy likes the sound of cars as a toddler, car bed themed decor can be used. If your girl likes flowers, you should definitely come up with ideas for her room.

Moreover a kid's room should be neat for a child to learn. A cluttered place always clutters a mind, and if it's decorated with informative ideas, they would probably look into it most of the time and the brain would process it in course of time. If a child is into science or history, you can always collect cool pictures related to the subject and stick in on the wall. Or create a whole theme out of it. You may never know how influential it can turn out to be.

If you are blessed with more than one kid, you can always opt for a bunk bed which is less space consuming plus the kids loves it. They may not have the luxury of being alone with themselves but it would definitely be fun for them. Siblings sharing a room can create a major bonding experience and it also teaches them how to adjust, share and compromise. These attributes are vital for our everyday life.

The early childhood room decor with transitional objects not only bridge the connection from self to his imaginary world,? but allow for the emergence of a child's inherent sense of self.

To conclude, room decor is associated with your child's development.? If it is put across in the right way, it may turn out be positive for the child's development. Try not to keep a children's bedroom furniture boring and dull. The kid might grow up the exact same way-being a dull and a boring person! Pick the right choice for yours and for your child's bright future.

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