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Is it blue for boys and pink for girls or this a myth?

17 October 2017 by Babios
Is it blue for boys and pink for girls or this a myth?

It is an age old controversy that does not get any old. Pink for girls, blue for boys is like an unwritten law people follow nowadays without realising the fact that they are just colours and not an attribute to differentiate genders. It's like a rule or a principle unfairly applied to kid's right after they are born.

There are parents who would love their girl to wear anything but pink or boy anything but blue. But people have become too hard wired on colour differences that clothing manufacturers produce varieties of designer pink coloured clothes for girls and blue coloured for boys.

Colour affects the mood of adults and children as well. Colour psychologists have associated colour with transition from childhood to adulthood, brain development, enhancing productivity and decreased absenteeism.

It's a common trend to decorate hospital room with pink if it's a baby girl. Pink balloons, pink flowers etc. and if it's a boy, the room will be decorated with blue balloons and blue ribbons. Even children's furniture's, their room are based on colours.

As a child grows older, they automatically get repulsed by certain colours. Boys might not prefer anything that has pink colour in it. For some reason in this modern world, they believe pink will make them look feminine. Girls somehow grow up loving the colour; they would prefer a dash of pink in everything they use - right from clothing to cosmetics to kid's bedroom furniture to shoes.

Pink is often used to represent breast cancer campaigns. It is considered a very convenient colour to project awareness for cancer right?!

Marge Piercy, an American novelist clearly states in her poem 'Barbie doll' about the stereotypical things girls are made to do right when they are young. Girls are given dolls, pink dresses and kitchen sets so that these stuffs gets imprinted in their brain and do they accordingly even when they grow up.

Pink colour represents sweet, playful, nice, romantic, charming, feminine, tenderness etc. whereas blue represents confidence, trust, loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, truth etc. Colours should represent anything but genders. The traits that blue represents?- girls should be that too - wise, loyal, trust worthy, intelligent, and? truthful and not just sweet playful and innocent.

The colour of nursery or dress divided by colours is one of the first discrimination the child faces. It is just a tip of the iceberg leading to gender inequality, oppressions and stereotyping. Imagine a man wearing pink top to bottom, ever wondered the reaction of the society, most people would probably mock him. He is either bullied or accused of being a homosexual. This is an outrageous discrimination practice, even today.

Even if we wanted the topic to be a myth, the so called 'modern' societies all over the world has transformed people to believe that blue is for boys and pink for girls. It's quite handy for manufacturing companies isn't it, particularly the fashion sector. It's about time that colours are (or should be) used to describe a rainbow not gender.

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