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The Following Fragrance Tips Will Make Your Home Smell Amazing

26 December 2017 by Babios
The Following Fragrance Tips Will Make Your Home Smell Amazing

The most simple and easy way to make your home smell good is to open the windows and doors and let the fresh air come inside the home. The natural and fresh air will let the lingering smell and stale air out with its own clean and fresh scent. Unfortunately during this chilly and cold winter season you will not be able to keep the doors and windows open for long.

The natural home fragrance is not only easy to use or make but it will make your home fresh and create a unique atmosphere. These tips have no synthetic scents or chemicals. If you're ready to freshen up your home, then give the following ideas a try.       

Essential Oils

The diffusers will make it easy. Just fill the diffuser with water and pour a few drops of essential oils in it, then turn it on. The fine mist created by the diffuser will carry the scent of essential oils throughout your home. You can pick any of your favourite essential oils that best suits your taste and home fragrance. Remember, it should also have a positive impact on your mood too.

Cleaning with Vinegar

The vinegar will clean the surfaces of your home. This will help you to get rid of the unpleasant smell of the home. Just add vinegar in a bottle full of water, spray and clean it with a towel. 

Spray on Fabric

If you don't have a diffuser at home, another quick and easy way to improve the smell of your home with essential oils, is by filling a bottle with water, add a bit of baking soda and your favourite essential oils. Shake it well, spray it over the fabrics, such as cushion covers and pillow covers, as a fabric refreshing spray. Lavenders are great with calming properties.

Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is another factor of bad odour at home. Make a cube of lemon with some vinegar. Cut the lemon into slices and put few pieces in each ice cube mould. Fill each cube with vinegar. Place the tray in the freezer. Take three or four cubes once or twice a week, and throw it into your garbage disposal bin and keep it until dissolved.  

Fragrance Tips

The Wax Melt

Scented wax cubes is another alternative fragrance at home. This will be a great way to fill your home with your favourite scents.

The Gel Fresheners

The gel air freshener is another best home fragrance to make your house smell amazing. The small, coloured and beautiful air fresheners can be placed anywhere in the room, such as writing tables, at the top of the chest of drawers and inside the drawers or wardrobes. This will leave mild fresh fragrance whenever you open the wardrobe or drawers. The writing and study time of the writing table will make you feel more refreshed and productive towards work.


Fresh Plants

The air purifying plants is another great choice to make your home smell amazing. The potted plants not only will look good inside the house but they are natural purifiers more than anything else. Palm trees, peace lilies and orchids are just a few for you to consider. These plants are eye catching and will make the surrounding appealing and refreshing.

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