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Easter Activities For Kids

16 April 2019 by Babios
Easter Activities For Kids

There is just something magical about spring. Maybe it's the fact that you can be outside for more than five minutes without freezing or that the hours of light are longer or the colorful flowers popping up all over the place. One of the first celebrations that comes with Spring is Easter.

Easter is a Christian festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is often celebrated by families in different ways. It's a fun time for kids and parents and a meaningful season so if you are religious, you can discuss the reason for the Easter season, build crafts around that or even engage them in different fun activities.

Family really is everything. As kids grow older into adults, there are some precious moments parents can never get back. Those moments are to be cherished always, as a result of this any annual celebration such as Easter should be celebrated doing simple things that will leave lasting memories in your lives. Some of these activities can offer a more religious approach to the Easter holiday and focus on the true meaning of the season. Others are colorful and fun and designed to help build the excitement leading up to when the Easter Bunny visits. Your choice of activities should turn the season into an exciting time with memories o cherish for a life time for these growing buddies.

Even though coloring eggs and an Easter hunt are probably number one and two things on your list there are so many other fun projects you can do. If you're looking for ideas for Easter, there are activities that will engage both their bodies and their brains. These will make the celebration fun as well as get them moving while solving puzzles, participating in teamwork, and even math. Even if your child seems too old for some of the Easter activities, there are still plenty of other activities they can participate in with their younger siblings. These activities will surely keep them entertained during the Easter school holidays – and away from the chocolate for a bit.

Easter Activities For Kids

With Easter on the way and school holidays to fill, you can combine seasonal fun with crafts to occupy the kids. From egg hunts and bunny tag to chicken pinatas and hilarious Easter jokes, there are lots of EGGstra fun indoor and outdoor Easter games and activities for kids of all ages to keep them busy!  Yes, the annual Easter eggs hunt is the main event, but make sure you have plenty of other activities to keep your kids busy once the eggs are found.

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, different treasure egg hunt ideas or hunting by names, this will surely bring out the laughter in your house and give you a glimpse of the competitive side of your kids! This game is the ultimate in classic Easter activities for kids! Hand out your written clues to your egg hunters and encourage them to help each other read and decipher each one. You can invent egg hunt ideas of your own. This will be a fantastic opportunity to practice reading and comprehension skills.

Designing Easter crafts are such lovely activities to participate in. Infused with Easter themes, they will turn out to be full of spring colours and really help brighten the home after the long winter days.  From traditional designs to unexpected tattoos, Easter egg decorating is a must do activity that would put a fun, fresh spin on all of your Easter festivities this spring. Adults, teens, and tots alike can all easily get behind this festive and family-friendly activity. Also, you can create fabulous Easter wreaths or gratitude cards with your children as a family activity. Get out your glue gun and stick some painted plastic eggs to a wire or faux wreath. Then, place some stuffed bunnies so that they appear to be sitting facing each other at the bottom of the wreath. Glue them into place as well and hang the holiday decoration on your front door. Teachers will embrace the holidays just as much as their students! Have your child make them a card or a thank you note to show their hard work is appreciated.

If your kids have plenty of energy to burn, then hold an Egg Race for them! Let all the race participants decorate their own hardboiled egg with paint, glitter etc. Then hand them all a soup spoon and let them race off on the predetermined course. The winner will be the one who reaches the finish line first without dropping their egg.

Easter is a lovely time to enjoy a trip into the woods, and enjoy the new growth of Spring, great outdoors and more days outside with the family.. Make use of an Easter eggs hunt to let your teen discover the monuments in your area. With walks, orienteering trails and bike routes, the time will be sure to fly by! Just don’t forget to bring a picnic. Ask your teen to form small groups of friends. Hand out clues to help your teen explore heritage spaces and statues in your area. Write the clues in such a way that will interest and excite your teen. This would be a good exercise for children learning to follow step by step instructions or working on vocabulary skills. You can add in horse riding while enjoying a trip in the woods. There’s nothing like a few hours of fun horse riding in the country – it’s great for the mind as well as the body. There are lots of equestrian centres that offer lessons for first time riders so this would turn out to be a fun activity for the whole family.

Does the term ‘Easter’ revive memories of participating in an egg hunt as tiny tots? Are you planning something exciting for your growing kids this Easter?  Whatever Easter means to you, there are loads of ideas to keep you and the kids irrespective of their age entertained. Think outside the basket this Easter when planning your celebration. While Easter Sunday holds many traditions, it's never a bad idea to add something new — especially if it adds fun. From activities such as Easter egg hunts and family-friendly Sunday lunch locations to themed Easter crafts and ideas for rainy day activities, you will surely have your Easter holidays sorted. If you want your children to fall in love with Easter again, these creative and exciting activities for kids of all ages will surely help to ensure you all have so much fun.



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