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Dynamic Or Simple Teen Room Ideas? Which Colours Should You Use For Teen Rooms?

20 July 2018 by Babios
Dynamic Or Simple Teen Room Ideas? Which Colours Should You Use For Teen Rooms?

Kids starts to show signs of change as they go through adolescence period. As their emotions, reactions, desires and preferences evolve, they get ready to progress through another phase in their lives. Among this process, one of the changes is a transformation of a room design from vibrant colourful child room to a more individualized teen room. We prepared some teen room ideas by considering the effects of colours’ on teens.

Accommodate to Teen Colours

While thinking every detail for their kids, parents should also consider their preferences and thoughts. Since kids thought processes, preferences, likings and emotions change during adolescence and they want to be unique, their style will be different for room design. While deciding on which colours to use forteen rooms; parents should consider their children preferences and consult them for designing a teen room in order to provide them peaceful and motivating environment. As they reach puberty, teens want to have a saying for things they own and since their rooms are their personal space, they will want to design them and pick the colours by themselves. Considering their desires while choosing the colours will help them to feel better in their personal space.

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Feel Calmness through Colours

All the colourful details, dashy figures, vibrant atmosphere transform into a calmer and relaxing theme during adolescence period. If you are looking for boys room ideas to create a calm and motivating environment for teens, you should pick colours with calming features. Since your choice of colours will effect emotions, thought process and behaviour of teens, it is beneficial to choose colours with motivating capabilities for adolescence period during which success is important. Environmental factors such as room décor and colour tones, have a big impact on teens to motivate, focus and become successful. Designing rooms in harmony with colours and their effects will be helpful to create a calm atmosphere which teens need to have.

Use Relaxing Colours for Better Sleep

During adolescence, one of the most important subjects that teens need to focus is being successful. Since better sleep has a great impact on focus and success, it is essential to create a room with appropriate atmosphere. You should avoid to use vibrant and dynamic colours across the bed to prevent teens to get distracted before sleep. You may consider choosing cooler tones such as blue to create calm feeling and green to provide relaxation for boys room ideas. For the ones wondering about which colours to use for teen rooms, we recommend Sailing teen collection on our website for its combination of calming of blue and simplicity of white colours.

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Balance Teen Room Style with Plain Furniture Colours

As adolescence period brings the changes in room design, you should pick simple furniture for room decoration instead of colourful furniture with flashy styles. You may balance the teen room’s atmosphere by completing simplicity of furniture with details in suitable colour tones. As you can find on our website; Solid Teen Room Collection might be a great choice for teen room ideas with its white and hickory colours for simplicity and yellow tones for embellishment.

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You Must Use These Colours for Teen Rooms

If you are wondering about which colours to use for teen rooms in order to reflect teens’ moods and also create a peaceful environment, you can use white, brown and green colours on furniture. White colour might have a disturbing effect if it is used broadly, therefore using white with touch of pink, yellow or blue colours will be an ideal choice for the ones preferring simple furniture. Using brown tones on teen room’s furniture or using it in details will balance the hyperactivity of teens and impose the idea of responsibility. You may consider green colour to provide calmness and yellow colour for motivation for your boys room ideas.





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