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Decorating Mistakes To Avoid For A Perfect Nursery Room

05 January 2018 by Babios
Decorating Mistakes To Avoid For A Perfect Nursery Room

Mama-to-be is searching for nursery room ideas. She has collected her favourites. Now she is finalising. She is dreaming of a perfect nursery room. However, she is unaware of common decorating mistakes which can be hazardous. Safety precautions are necessary to ensure the health of the baby.

Dangerous Chemicals

Time is an important factor to manage. Nursery decoration has a complete process to follow one after the other. We all know that painting walls is a time-consuming process, not to mention the chemicals used in paints, which can be harmful. Newly painted walls has an awful smell, but this is not just a bad smell, the released fumes into the air is what causes the damage. This can cause a lot of discomfort and may impact the health of your baby.

When paints are applied to a wall it releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air resulting in a strong and bad smell. Breathing in these VOC compounds can cause short term side effects, such as irritation in nose and throat with watery eyes, dizziness and headache. Make sure to take safety measures for these toxic VOCs and reduce exposure. Do not make these common decorating mistakes. For instance, paint your walls a few months in advance (before the arrival of your baby) to give time for VOCs to disappear through ventilation. Keep the windows and doors open to provide fresh air to circulate in the room. You can also use an air purifier.

Did you know that new rugs, new furniture and mattresses have VOCs too? Make sure to give sufficient amount of time for these items to air out. Also, remember to use low-odour paints for your baby's room.

Fixing Curtains

Curtains are an important part of interior designing. Curtains cover the room, hide the window frame beautifully. It prevents the room from sun rays and natural light, when not needed. Fixing a curtain looks like an easy DIY but could sometimes go wrong, for instance measurement errors which seems to be happening quite frequently. Make sure the curtains are installed properly and firmly to avoid common decorating mistakes. The improper installation of curtains is crucial as there is the risk of falling. What about when a baby crawls and holds on to the curtain? Whether you use blinds or curtains, proper fixing is necessary to prevent any injury to your baby.

Accessories collection

The decorating mistakes to avoid are the collection of accessories. If you like frames hanging on the wall, make sure they are lightweight as heavy frames has a risk of falling. Try to use wall decals for safety purposes. Avoid hanging accessories directly over the cot bed as babies will inevitably try to hold on to it, hence risk of falling. Consider your toddler for every aspect of the accessory, as they love to explore almost every corner of the room. Make the room as baby proof as possible.

These are a few of the decorating mistakes to avoid for the sake of your baby. Decorating ideas is more fascinating but the matter of fact is what looks good? and what really works?

The careful selection of each item will make your room simply a baby proof room.





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