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Dealing With Teenage Attitude: Have You Thought Of Positive Parenting?

09 February 2018 by Babios
Dealing With Teenage Attitude: Have You Thought Of Positive Parenting?

When kids move into teen years, change begins naturally in many ways. Positive parenting can really help your teen develop in a direction. You have to change your expectations and try to develop empathy when you are establishing boundaries of your teen. Creating a supportive, loving and safe environment is important for both of you in these years. The following points will help you to get smooth and for effective relationship with your teen.


Being parents you have to consider that your teen is not a child any more or not an adult yet. So, change your expectations and stop treating them like a child you used to do in the past years. As they are not an adult you cannot expect them to be responsible just like adults. Give your teen all the space. The brain of teenagers is in the middle of the critical stage of development, they need your help to go through this part of their lives. They have the developing stage of decision-making and reasoning. This is the reason why a teen could sometimes make irrational decisions and behave strangely. Your teen will make a mistake, and may even repeat the same mistake without having learned anything previously, however do not be disappointed, as they are at a learning stage. Remember, mistakes are the greatest teachers of all, so welcome it when it happens, and see this as an opportunity for learning.

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Positive parenting will seek you to allow your teen with freedom. This means when you're teen is making an effort to take some sort of a responsibility, give them their freedom.  When they make a right decision, congratulate them, show them respect, whereas when they make wrong decision, whatever the consequences are, you simply need to talk and show them the right direction. Getting your teen to differentiate between the right and wrong is the most important and challenging task for you to do.

The development of trust in you is another important thing. They are at a stage of learning, they will make mistakes. They might even break your trust. But, a good communication can make it possible. Make your teen comfortable to talk to you about their problems as they are facing. Make sure they can talk to you about anything without hesitation. They should not hide any problems from you. You will be the only reliable person there to solve their problems and help them out.

Set the rules dealing with teenage attitude but be reasonable. It may not be a reasonable thing to ask your teen to go to bed at 7:30pm or they are not allowed to hang out with friends. Ask your teen's perspective in terms of the time that best suits them to go to bed on school days. Teens need some time to chill out after school, so let them have the time before they start their homework. 

Positive parenting is all about having fun with your teen. Dealing with teenage attitude could sometimes be challenging and difficult too. Try to spare some time for activities with your teen, where both of you can have a nice time. How about going out for cycling, fishing or walking? Exercise or go for a jog? Consider your teen's interests as well. If they are artistic take them to a painting class. If your teen is adventurous take them to go-karting. Your positive parenting will definitely bring up a positive individual for the society. 





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