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Could the choice of study desk help with your child's education?

10 October 2017 by Babios
Could the choice of study desk help with your child's education?

As a teacher or as a parent it is important to be mindful of the needs and wants of your kids especially when it comes to their own personal space for learning. For students, something as simple as the shape of a desk can determine the day's curriculum. So choosing a desk of different styles offers a variety of functions and not just aesthetics. Desks are now considered as a key contributor in modern classrooms. The shape of a work space can open up to new environment for more dynamic and better learning purposes. Classroom desk are now available in different shapes and forms for one or sometimes two or more students. Apart from square and rectangular shaped desks, shapes including arcs, modified hexagons, trapezoids, pie wedges and wings are also available in the market. Team work is very common in classrooms. The shape of the desks can limit the number of students to participate and learn together. For example a square or a rectangular shaped study desk can occupy only a few children. Besides the shape, the strength of the children's furniture should also be taken into consideration. It should be strongly built and it should not become obsolete for a couple of years at least.

Types of study desks available in the market include:

  1. Interchangeable crescent table
  2. Interchangeable sequence desk
  3. Sit stand lectern
  4. Sit stand student desk
  5. Interchangeable wing desk
  6. Silhouette two-student desk
  7. Silhouette student desk
  8. Interchangeable diamond open front desk
  9. Silhouette curve desk
  10. Silhouette sequence-desk
  11. Interchangeable diamond desk
  12. Flex single-student desk
  13. UXL crescent table
  14. UXL wing desk
  15. ????UXL diamond, mini diamond desk

It's not just the classroom that matters. Kids spend most of their time doing homework, hobbies and creating artwork from home. Researchers have found that where we work shapes how we work. If children's bedroom is designed in a contemporary and modern design, you may find a massive change in the way of presentation and the behavior of your child.

According to studies, it is imperative that children may get bored with monotony. So, attractive and vivacious themes can be used to decorate your kid's room. And it should be noted that the study desk should be placed in the room where the kid will not get distracted that often. To bring out a sense of playfulness, the kid's bedroom can be decorated with wall murals and colorful themes which lead to a fusion of ergonomics and aesthetics.

So yes, the choice of the study desk does help in a child's education both in classrooms and at-home. It brings out not only productivity but also creativity and joy among the kids.

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