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Contemporary Rugs Can Never Go Out Of Style

22 December 2017 by Babios
Contemporary Rugs Can Never Go Out Of Style

The open space of homes are usually decorated by a collection of children's furniture, accessories and various paintings. The floors are always incomplete without contemporary rugs. We are spoilt with a huge range of rugs nowadays, which comes in different shapes, size, colours The floors are always incomplete without contemporary rugs, textures, patterns, some with a touch of softness and some hard. I am very fond of rugs on the floors of my home, at least one in each room. Do you love shopping around for a special rug on your flooring just like me? If you're shaking your head saying yes, then carry on reading until the end. Why are rugs so important? What are the key points to consider before purchasing a rug?

Nautica Baby Carpet

Choosing the material

Rugs are made from different materials, some are cotton, some are wool, and some are mixtures of materials. When it comes to selecting a rug for your baby's room, this becomes an issue for you to be concerned about. You can easily test the quality and durability of the rug by digging it in with your fingertip. If you feel it's hard, then it's a good one.

Rugs are made of the following materials:
  1. Fiber
  2. Nylon
  3. Leather
  4. Silk
  5. Cotton
  6. Polypropylene
  7. Polyester
  8. Natural fibers like sisal and jute

Sailing Baby Carpet

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are made from natural materials and through hand-woven technique. Wool rugs feel super soft and luxurious, which could last for many years.

Jute Rugs

Jute rugs are natural fiber based and usually handwoven, though could be more relaxed and associated with casual settings. Jute rugs are designer's favourite, as it adds texture, lies flat on the floor and easy to maintain.

Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic rug is made from petroleum products. They are so popular for their colour, low price and durability.

Vento V10 Red Young Carpet

Braided Rugs

The braided rugs are arranged and combined with a unique weaving texture like braids, if yarn have been woven together. Contemporary rugs are very versatile in nature which could be beneficial in many ways.

Style statement

Rugs style the floors with colours and designs. It personalises the bedrooms for kids.

It has luxurious feeling, touch of elegance, casual and comfy.

Air Quality of indoors

Rugs have the quality of eliminating dirt, pollen and other fragments from the air. It can filter the air leaving it clean and fresh to inhale.

Zuzo Baby Carpet

Warms up the atmosphere

Rugs have the quality of maintaining warm air during cold weather by its energy conservation advantage and thermal resistance. It gives warmer feeling with comfortable place to sit, work and play.


Reduce slips and falls

Rugs support the flooring to be comfortable to walk on. It reduces the chance of slipping and falling. Rugs are very safe for toddlers with safety elements.


Noise control

You may have noticed that empty rooms or tiled rooms are surrounded by sound or noise. The rugs with its thick structure and absorbing quality reduces the sound around the room. Rugs are great in terms of controlling noise at homes due to talking, high TV volume and speakerphones. It simply helps to have a quiet home feeling. 


 Tips to keep your contemporary rugs as good as new:
  1. Rug pad prevents the rug from wear and reduces movements on the floor
  2. Dirt can harm the durability of rugs, so vacuum it regularly to keep it long lasting.
  3. Occasional rotation can reduce the effects of traffic and sunlight.

Tip: Do not let the floors of your home without floor rugs.





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