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Chronology of bunk beds: Past, Present and Future.

27 October 2017 by Babios
Chronology of bunk beds: Past, Present and Future.

Bunk beds are known to be the best furniture invention in recent history. The reason is that it is highly efficient and less space consuming. Bunk beds can be used by anyone- be it kids or teenagers and even adults. The chronology of bunk beds is quite interesting because it is popular in the present and since the population is not getting any lower, the chances of it being used in the future are higher. There are several types of bunk beds. Some of the types are:

  1. Standard bunk bed
  2. Twin over full bunk bed
  3. Full over full bunk bed
  4. L-shape bunk
  5. Loft bunk bed
  6. Triple loft bunk bed

Bunk beds of the past:

The main use of the bunk bed arouse when there was need for more bed space for two or more people who lived in a space constraint area. Especially in military bases, bunk beds were quite common. In a house where parents have more than two children, it was considered to be very expensive to assign each kid a separate room, so bunk beds and limited children's furniture's were used to reduce the overall cost. The use of bunk beds are also quite common amongst college and university students, particularly when the shared room is small to allocate additional space for a study desk.

Present uses of Bunk beds:

In this contemporary world, bunk beds are considered as the most financial way to reduce expenses of building rooms for each kid. The option of the designs available in the market these days are plenty. The kid's preference nowadays changed from staying alone in their own rooms to sharing a bed with their siblings, so that they have a chance of interacting, playing and sharing their secrets more with their sister or brother. Incorporating beautiful and creative wardrobes along with a bunk bed can also save up a lot of space. Bunk bed with stairs is quite common and fun for children these days. Although bunk beds are an old age concept, we all wished that we owned a bunk bed for our own kids.

Bunk beds in the future:

Since the population is increasing day by day, we require more space to lay our heads peacefully. The most practical solution for that is to adopt and switch on to bunk beds so that you can have your own bed space without you bumping or kicking the other person unknowingly when you are deep in your dreams. The future of the bunk beds is predicted to be a huge market because both kids and adults equally prefer bunk beds in order to reduce cost and increase the concept of sharing.

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