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Children's Bedroom Furniture: Style, Substance Or Both?

21 November 2017 by Babios
Children's Bedroom Furniture: Style, Substance Or Both?

When the time to choose your children's bedroom furniture comes, a crucial question to ask and point to consider are; should you go for style, substance or both? A simple and straight up answer to that is both and while it may seem like a valid solution, not all pieces give you the option to choose both style and substance and when it comes down to it, which should you choose?

In the matter of children's bedroom furniture, which is best; style, substance or both? Here is how to decide;


For some items of children's furniture, style is needed. Stylish designs are sometimes crazy and out of this world, while others are more toned down. Designer children's furniture is meant to be luxurious and modern, so the designs are expected to keep in tow.

Keep in mind that children are sometimes too young to appreciate acute and beautiful style pieces, so it would technically be quite a waste to select a dresser that is stylish but doesn't really hold anything; and if it does, it doesn't hold enough.

Trendy pieces and furniture that are either in style or are popular are usually a good choice when picking style for your children's furniture.


Functionality and substance - in everyday life, some of the most useful things are not the prettiest and some of the most beautiful are actually the most useless. This dilemma is no different with kid's furniture.

A simple but effective way to combat this is by prioritizing; make a list of the things you need the most, such as changing tables and dressers, and these are the items you should buy more for their functionality and less for their style.

Other items such as beds, side tables, carpets and duvets hold less of a functionality need and these can be chosen according to their style.


Once in a while you may be able to get furniture that is stylish and useful - this should not be taken for granted. A popular combination of the two pluses is bunk beds and beds that fold and unfold to reveal desks hidden underneath.

Bunk beds are a classic because not only do you get two beds, you get two beds that look good and take up less space. Another stylish and useful furniture design are beds that have drawers and hidden storage spaces. This feature is especially useful as, instead of buying extra storage spaces, you can simply buy a single bed.

With these three points in mind, a balance of the two - style and substance - is essential and Babios has the best selection of all three options and for babies, kid's and youth.

For babies, the Golf Star Baby set offers a lot of storage space and accessories with a beautiful style contrast. As for young girls and boys, the Jasmin and Ocean beds offer a great balance. Perhaps you do not have a lot of space or your children would like a bunk bed? Babios bunk bed sets like New Tower offer an unmatched deal in style and substance by featuring not only a bed, but a desk too!





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