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Children's bed or a bunk bed - which one and why?

27 September 2017 by Babios
Children's bed or a bunk bed - which one and why?

It's always fun to have a growing family. Parents tend to produce more off springs because they either find happiness seeing their mini-me's grow in number or they are targeting a certain gender but they always get the opposite.

While they are busy producing their future heirs, little that they realize that spaces are starting to get small, supplies getting short and food getting bigger in demand. As a loving parent, we definitely would want our children to have the time of their lives and that includes promising if not wealthy, at least a comfortable lifestyle anyone could get.

Mum and dad in general wants to give the best for their kids - whether education, nutrition or simply the quality of their lifestyle. The most common issue of a growing family is to keep their personal spaces conducive to living; with proper place for personal matters and a comfortable room to sleep.

Children's bedroom has been a common discussion of husbands and wives in each household. Dads would prefer a modern and minimalist style while mums fancy a fashionable room full of contemporary furniture's that will show their kids' character.

Though both has a valid point, choosing children's furniture is essential in building a home. One of the popular dilemma that is faced by a family with multiple kids is either to get a classic children's bed or the more modern bunk bed.

I am personally torn to choose between the two but will admit that they both have pros and cons to consider.

The classical kid's bed offer ease and comfort. You do not need to worry for any falls or accidents since its height is just a feet away to the ground. However, consider the space of the whole room that are being eaten up. Having two beds covering the floor area might not give room to a study table or a closet anymore. It will be solely a slumber place and you probably need to look for a separate place where your kids can study.

On the other hand, bunk beds are the best space savers ever invented. Since it's stacked, this furniture creates an imaginary second floor which smartly maximizes the entire capacity of the room. It roughly gives 50% additional workspace for study tables, chairs and even cabinets to store tiny things that kids hoard on the outside world.

Do not be blinded though. No matter how promising this could be, there are still some things that we need to review before digging in to our local furniture shops. Safety has always been a question for this bed type. If your darling is not a steady sleeper, there will be a high chance that he/she might fall. Railings are a big help but not a guarantee. There are times that railings will still fall off due to force or heavy weight.

It's also observed that climbing a ladder just like in tree houses could be exciting at first, but annoying later on for our kids. They will eventually get tired and look for a place where they can just dive in and rest carefree.

I know that as a parent, we want to take control. From the food that our kids will eat to the friends that they are choosing, we always want to get involved and always have something to say. Friendly tip though: let the young ones decide and just respect their opinion. It's their own little castle anyway where the greatest dreams are imagined.

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