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Back To School! 5 Simple But Effective Suggestions For Parents

06 September 2018 by Babios
Back To School! 5 Simple But Effective Suggestions For Parents

Bye bye summer, hello autumn. It’s that time of the year again, kids are back to school. As a parent we sometimes overlook the importance of this delicate period. To help parents here are 5 simple yet effective suggestions.

back to school

Bye bye summer, hello autumn. It’s that time of the year again, kids are back to school. Phew for some parents!

We all know the countless benefits of having a good education, positively affecting many aspects of our lives. Education has the ultimate power to make the world a better place to live.

So, don’t just send your kids to school for the sake of schooling, be pro-active. Here are 5 simple yet effective suggestions for parents from Babios.

1- Reduce the amount of time spent watching TV and minimise use of the internet

I know this is a fairly cliché suggestion but be honest, how many of us can really put this into practice. Most children (if not all) must of spent majority of their holidays watching TV, surfing on the internet, and playing computer games.

A sudden, spontaneous restriction may back fire. A gradual approach towards reducing the amount of time spent watching TV and the internet is the best option. Remind your child that once they are back to school there will be limited access.

You may want to replace it with something else, you can’t just say “now it’s over”, so get the puzzles out, go for a walk or a ride, read a book, at least do something to fill the gap with.

2- Re-visit your career during this delicate period

I don’t mean quitting your job during this period. To make the ends meet we all have to work, but during the first few weeks of going back to school your child needs your support.

Today was my daughters first day at secondary school (a major shift from primary year 6 to secondary year 7). I could feel and see the amount of anxiety and panic she was going through. Waking up at 3am, she couldn’t go back to bed, nail biting, constantly talking about her fears, and so on.

She needs our undivided attention during this period, even something as simple as a talking therapy on the way to school and back could make a huge difference. We all say “ohh it’s back to school” but do you know how much of a challenge this is for a child? So, don’t leave your child alone, give them a help of hand.

back to school

3- Communicate with their teachers. It’s really important.

Don’t just leave this to parents evening. Get to know your child’s teachers. If possible exchange contact details. I suppose there is no harm in having their email address.

Keep yourself updated with your child’s progress, not just on educational matters but their psychological wellbeing as well. If there are any issues, this will give you the opportunity to intervene and change things for the better before it gets any worse.

4- Spare some time to read a book yourself

This may sound a little strange but yes you read a book, not your child. Perhaps if as parents you set aside 30 minutes each day reading a book they will follow the example. A lot of younger children just want to copy whatever their parents are doing. This will be an excellent way to start things off for children.

According to many academic and education studies, reading has a significant impact on children's educational performance, and those who read for enjoyment not only do they perform well in reading (in comparison to those who don't read), they develop broader vocabulary and increased knowledge and understanding when they listen.

Furthermore, they don't just do better in language and literacy subjects (social sciences) but in all of the other subjects as well; they also learn to concentrate and sit still for longer periods of time, a problem that many children suffers nowadays.

For a comprehensive article about the principles of studying for parents and children, please visit 30 Effective Principles To Studying: Parents, Children, And Education

5- And the most important of all is, your unconditional love and support

Yes I know this is another cliché advice, but stop for a second and think hard, how many of us out there wholeheartedly really apply this in practice. I can imagine all parents saying “of course we love our child unconditionally and support them”. I know we all do – despite me writing this article, have I really implemented all the above suggestions (and more)? Well, to be honest not all the time, but I am aware of these issues and simply trying my best for my kids.

Your child needs to be aware that no matter how difficult it gets, mum and dad will always be around the corner.

I wish all students a successful and a prosperous year ahead. Remember that there are five important things for living a successful and fulfilling life: never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning.

How much do you agree with the suggestions above? Do you have any of your own? Please feel free to share this with us and let us have an open discussion.





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