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Allergy Pevention Reduces Chances Of Allergies In Children

26 January 2018 by Babios
Allergy Pevention Reduces Chances Of Allergies In Children

Babies are naturally very innocent and weak to defend themselves. They have an immune system that is sensitive to compete with environmental changes and existence. Dear mums always do their best to provide a safe and clean environment for their baby. We need to find ways of preventing or delaying allergy or its corresponding symptoms. As it is said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Check out the following tips to keep your baby breathing easy and healthy.

Dust Free Room

Allergy Pevention Reduces Chances Of Allergies In Children

Dust is a silent enemy of babies, particularly those suffering from allergies and asthma.

As a result, dusting and vacuuming on a daily basis are very important for allergy prevention. This is an unavoidable task for parents to ensure the room of your baby is clean and healthy. The cot bed or the crib of your baby is the most sensitive area, where the baby spends most of their time sleeping all day and night. To reduce dust mites and eradicate the possibility of allergies, dust, and vacuum once or twice a week to maintain freshness and cleanliness.

Purifiers And Humidifiers

It is not necessary to use air purifiers and humidifiers continuously but occasional use can be practical and a good idea for your baby to breathe clean air. Air purifiers smartly remove pet odors, dust and pollen from the air and make breathing easy. Humidifiers help to keep the air in the roombeen too dry, and the same way dehumidifiers will prevent the air from being too moist and eliminates the possibility of growth of mold.

Wash Out Fabric Toys

Allergy Pevention Reduces Chances Of Allergies In Children

The stuffed toys are usually safe for babies to play with and are harmless for babies to put into their mouths (and possibly chew on it). However, babies do form a habit of chewing soft toys, especially during teething. Toys left on the floor can attract germs and bacteria. To keep it clean and fresh try to wash the stuffed toys at least once a week. Another allergy prevention is to keep the toys away from the cot bed/crib to avoid transferring the germs from the sleeping area (e.g., cot bed, cushion, sleeping set).

Hypoallergenic Bedding

A simple yet effective solution in allergy prevention is to invest in hypoallergenic bedding materials. Mattress pads of hypoallergenic cushions, waterproof barriers, and tightly fitted covers can reduce the chance of asthma and allergies in children.

Wash Baby's Bedding

Another effective allergy prevention is to wash the bedding of your baby with the stuffed toys on a regular basis. Keep the number of bedding for your baby as many as you need, so that you can change it when required to keep the cot bed or the crib clean and fresh.





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