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8 Exciting Children's Bedrooms Ideas You Should Try Using

08 June 2018 by Babios
8 Exciting Children's Bedrooms Ideas You Should Try Using

8 Exciting Children's Bedrooms Ideas You Should Try Using

Kids enjoy spending more time in their bedroom when working, playing or sleeping. As a parent or guardian, you need to create for them a convenient space that they'll call a bedroom. This space should reflect their little personalities. Your kid may be an adventurer, racing car lover, golf fan, princess-theme lover or captain of the ship lover. Here are 8 of the exciting children's bedroom ideas you can use.


Adventurous kids prefer having a bedroom that captures most of their interests. You can include vintage decors to add the adventure flair in their bedrooms. Your goal is to create a kid-friendly and creative space for your adventurous kid. The room should appear playful and feature wild colours. You can also include a customised workroom, large decorated pillows on the bed, poufs covered in leather or a round play table. Have fun when you're proceeding with the decoration.

My World

Racing Car Lovers

Most boys tend to love racing cars while at a younger age. It is also exciting to have a daughter who is a fan of racing cars. As one of the most fun to try children's bedroom ideas, don't hesitate to think out of the box when using it to style your kid's bedroom. When decorating the bedroom of such kids, you can custom-make the bed to feature car tires and other car parts. You can also pin pictures of your kid's favourite car racer or racing car on the wall. For the bedsheets or bed cover, look for those ones with automobile prints on them. Recycled tyres can also work as side tables or stools in the bedroom of a racing car lover.

Vento V10 Red

Golf Fans

The bedroom of a kid who is into golf should reflect aspects of the game that the kid loves. Be sure to use a grass-green carpet on the floor for a feel of the golf course. Try using green paint on one of the walls or having murals painted on every wall. Children's bedroom ideas including this one are quite easy to use. The sofa and fabrics of the room should be in tan and green colours just like the colour scheme of an ideal golf course. Sewing small triangles or golf flags on the pillows or table mats can also work the magic.

Golf Star


If your daughter wants a princess theme for her bedroom decoration, there are a number of things you need to consider. With the princess theme, brace yourself to explore one of the best children's bedroom ideas of all time. Try painting the walls pink and pin a few pictures of your daughter's favourite princess characters on the wall. The room should have murals, lighting, furniture and carpeting material that reflect the tastes of a royal princess.

Rose Princess

Captain Of The Ship

Children's bedroom ideas for a kid who likes ship captain themes include buying a bed with a ship wheel and installing a wardrobe with motion sensor lighting. When decorating the kid's bedroom, focus on bringing the island expedition and treasure hunt experience to the room. The space should encourage your child to always be imaginative and creative.

Captain of the Ship

Street Style

Not all children's bedroom ideas challenge you to buy or install decorations that seem new to you. Well, with the street style, you have the freedom to use graffiti in your child's room. Fix the pictures at staggered heights to create that street feeling that your child enjoys. Use a mix of colours on the bedsheets, carpet, wall painting and even furniture. The room also needs to feature a display of some of your kid's personal art collection.

New Land

Room To Share

For kids who are sharing a room, you need to think of decorations that reflect both of their personalities. The children's bedroom ideas for shared rooms are quite different for the rooms with one occupant. Use space-saving furniture and bright colours. Ensure that the children both have enough storage space for their personal items. The furniture must have an even number of drawers for them to conveniently store their items.

Room to Share

Ocean Calmness

The ocean calmness theme is ideal for styling the bedroom of a kid who enjoys silence and a tropical-like feeling. Children's bedroom ideas for this theme include using soft lighting, using a soft colour scheme, blackout curtains and a reading nook. A reading nook is ideal for a child who likes silence when reading. Blackout curtains also ensure that the room has total darkness when it's time for sleeping.

Ocean Calmness






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