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21st Century Style Children's Bedroom Furniture Ideas

18 May 2018 by Babios
21st Century Style Children's Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Did you know that children are design-conscious and up to date with the latest trends as much as teenagers and adults? With this in mind, decorating and furnishing a kid’s room shouldn’t mean you have to cut back on style. It’s a golden opportunity to work as a team and open a whole new world of exciting design possibilities. You can be as brave and bold as you like, without borders.

Whether you’re designing a girl’s room or a boy’s bedroom, an important thing to keep in mind is not to inflict your own style into your child’s room. Their interest is bound to be different than yours, so a bit of compromise and respect can make a huge difference. According to experts, children should have the right to participate in decision making that affects them, which starts by asking them their ideas and views. It is all about listening to your child, showing that you are taking them seriously and turning their ideas and suggestions into reality.

An important point to consider is that over-time their likes could potentially become a dislike, so you don’t want to go wild in the design, and within a short period of time your child show’s no interest in their room, costed you so much time, effort and money.  Instead, you may want to keep the colour of the walls fairly basic and neutral, i.e., soft cream with a little touch of light blue, pink or green.

At Babios we have some fantastic range of children’s bedroom furniture ideas, from furniture to accessories. So, let the fun begin…

Captain Themed Children’s Bedroom

The Captain’s range has a quite different and exclusive line compared to other models. It displays the theme of a pirates' ship and their life, with a bed in the shape of a ship, the walnut based material, and antique looking handles and hinges. With its large wardrobe and drawers, Captain is there for children who has a free-spirit. If you’re child loves sailing, sea and oceans, then the Captain range would be a perfect theme for your kid’s room. Let your child explore the world and become one of the greatest ‘captain’ with his very own captain themed bedroom.


Rose Bedroom Furniture

Rose, beautifully designed, charmingly coloured, and admirably finished, offers the perfect blend of comfort and freedom. Rose is specially designed to create a royal atmosphere, something a princess needs. There is virtually everything you could ask for your princess, individual pieces of furniture, including a girls bed, a study desk, a bookcase, a wardrobe, and chest of drawers all working in harmony, to create an adorable bedroom.

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Vento V10 Car Bed Theme

According to Thomas Armstrong, the author of a famous book known as “Awakening Your Child's Natural Genius”, a child with a good imagination is happier and more alert, better able to cope with life's twists and turns, and more likely to grow into a well-adjusted, secure adult. So, why not start harnessing your child’s imaginative ability by designing and creating a unique environment, with a Vento V10 car bed themed bedroom, and give your child the freedom to live their dream. Vento V10 car bed range is an exciting choice for fast growing children. It's a real racing car experience with ABS radiant material used on wheels and rims.

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Golf Star Children’s Bedroom

The new Golf Star, which reflects the harmony of white and walnut is shaped using exclusive laser technology, bringing energy to the sporty teens. Inspired by the curiosity of teenager’s interest for golf, Golf Star is at the forefront with detailed sporting use.

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Butterfly, an Elegant Girls Bedroom Idea

Butterfly range is elegant, smart and eye catching. Butterfly is the new name of not only art but also beauty and functionality. It offers such a space to children and teenagers, so that they feel good through day and night.

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Ocean, Sailing Boys Bedroom Idea

Sailing boy’s bedroom idea is for the free-spirited captain of the high seas! Sailing is the choice of daring, determined and strong teenagers... With Sailing's well designed modules, your personal belongings and personal items will stay tidy and well organised.

Remember, 21st century children’s bedroom furniture, whether if it’s for a girl or a boy needs the following:

  1. A distinctive bedroom furniture with a stylish and elegant appearance
  2. An inspiring study area for maximum level of productivity
  3. Children’s or Teenage bedrooms should be multi-purpose and multi-functional
  4. An area or space to lounge with friends and family

For more details browse through our website Babios for an extraordinary collection of children’s bedroom furniture, nothing like what’s on offer in the UK market and other parts of the world.





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