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Hyper Car Beds

Power, beauty and soul

Golf Star Baby

For babies who grows like a golf star!

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BMW Kid's Car Bed

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Oceans calmness and tranquillity in your room

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Jaguar Super Car Bed


Our Customers Love

Candy Bunk Bed
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Candy Designer Bunk Bed


Butterfly Bed (120cm X 200cm)
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Butterfly Children's Bed


Butterfly Study Desktop Module
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Captain Bed
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Captain Children's Bed


Jasmin Extendable Bed
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Jasmin Extendable Bed


Bueno Red Contemporary Bunk Bed
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Vento V10 Bed
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Audi V7 Kid's Car Bed


Sailing 3 Doors Wardrobe
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Barbaros Designer Bunk Bed


Modern Childrens Bedroom Furniture And Designer Bunk Beds

You may have noticed that almost the entire selection of furniture for babies, children and teenagers in the UK look the same, feel the same and have very similar features. This applies to a range of bunk beds, kid's beds, nursery furniture, cabin beds, wardrobes, and many more. Our products are not just a case of style over substance, but each piece of our children's bedroom furniture has numerous practical features incorporated into the contemporary design.

For instance, our nursery cot beds can be transformed into a single bed frame with a bedside cabinet. As your baby grows they eventually reach the point where you need a full size bed. So, instead of purchasing a separate bed with an additional cost, why not just buy an extendable cot bed and save yourselves 100's, not to mention that you're purchasing a remarkable cot bed which will last many years ahead.

With our bunk bed series you could create any combination number of bunk beds, trundle beds, with or without study desks with varying shapes, size and colours, include a wardrobe with one, two, or three wardrobe drawers, simply enabling you to create a customised bedroom according to your needs and liking. What about, health, safety and quality standards? To avoid trapped fingers and noisy slamming doors, all our nursery, kid's and teen furniture drawers and cupboards feature a smooth action metal, made of galvanized steel, to ensure they shut softly and silently using our integrated braking system.

Some of our designer bedroom furniture's are applied using state of the art UV printing technology. This type of finishing provides a beautiful, consistent and hard wearing finish and does not emit any harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to little lungs. Our modern and stylish children's bedroom furniture are constructed using materials that have low chemical emission properties, which are water and moisture resistant, making them long lasting and easy to clean providing a bacteria free surface.

Last but not least, our products have ISO9001 and ISO10002 certification, E1 Quality standards guarantee, GS Quality Certificate, and TSE European Norms certificate. So, come along and indulge yourself with Babios and create a stunning environment for your loved ones.

We thought of everything for your loved ones

Our products are manufactured according to the following quality and safety standards

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